Turn thralls off when not crafting

Can we get an animation change to thralls when they’re not crafting? I mean, it’s just silly that a thrall that is not doing anything just keeps sawing or pounding away on the benches. Either have them take a seat or just stop crafting when they’re…not crafting.


Hey, when the boss walks in, you gotta look busy. :wink:



Omg, that’s funny.

I just jam them in the bench inventory when I’m not using them. No tink tink tink or sawing noises that way.


You can also shut down other stations that make noise, smoke and have fires burning by just hitting the STOP button in their crafting menu, which will quiet things up a bit. (casting bench, precision alchemist bench, cauldron)


Wish we had an option to put thralls away…back in the box per se. Cause Stan is a good thrall and I really dont want to throw him away, we have been through alot together. But Oyvind is so much better!

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True…And this is what we do right now. It’s just silly to have to do it. If the thrall isn’t working, it shouldn’t be…well…working.

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