New idle noises need to be taken off

Game mode: Online - Private
Type of issue: Misc
Server type: PVP-PVE
Region: United States

With the new patch, I think it would be best if the noises that come with being idle should be turned off. Especially with the thralls that sit on the benches, they are also making noises as well. I feel for the player base on the side for roleplayers it makes it difficult for us when roleplaying, the idle animations are fine and work wonderfully! Though I think it would be better to turn off those idle noises. A lot of people want to be able to make their characters yawn for themselves, rather then have the character do it for them in game. Especially since it starts to get annoying after a while, constantly hear it go off :slight_smile:

Other then that I think everything is running fine, I feel a lot of people feel this well. Another issue I’m also hearing is the abrupt stops after jogging, I feel that needs to be retouched up but that’s fine if you guys can’t atm but I’d love it for the idle noises to be completely cut off if possible <3


The stop animation is ridiculous, who stops like that? It’s game breaking for me, now I have to walk around with my weapon drawn, what a USELESS thing to waste resources on it’s almost game breaking for me…


I agree with this. I don’t like the noises with the animations. personally I would rather see the animations and audio be done my choice.


I fully appreciate the effort to make things feel lifelike with adding these idle animations, but I will admit it’s already driving me crazy as well. It is simply too frequent and loud. Removing the sound of it all would be an acceptable band-aid, though personally I’d prefer more control of my character overall.

I know what you did, This was a very nice gesture to the RP community, it just needs some tuning.


I 100% agree, the noises are immersion breaking. I feel like the new idle gestures are awesome for the RP community, but I would love to have control over when my character does them or when they make these idle noises.


First of all thank you for this dlc, it has some amazing things!

Though I’d like to add my voice to make this (and preferably the idle and stop animations too) be optional. As aside from being distracting and immersion breaking it’s important to be able to have full control over what your character does for rp.


The stop animation is an NO GO and especially for RP a real horror.

To switch between old and new animation via Options should be the best way.


Same notes, the noises are really distracting for RP. And whilst you can use the voice volume to turn them off, you miss out on other important sounds, like people falling if someone is sneaking around your base etc.

Also - these sounds, make it incredibly difficult for people to try and sneak up on another RP’er. Imagine trying to sneak up on someone and making some of these noises randomly immediately gives your location away. Complete turn off for a whole aspect of RP.

And, I’ll also have to agree with the jog into abrupt stop, it is a little jarring.

To add further, there is also the issue to where using emotes disallows you from opening doors or using chests. This, is incredibly frustrating. A lot of mods add new emotes, such as ‘hands behind your back’ so you can walk with a different posture. You cannot open doors if you’re using this emote currently though! Very frustrating addition.

In positive news, the DLC pack is wonderful as per usual. Your design, art and animation team are wonderful as per usual.


There isn’t anything new I can add to this conversation that hasn’t already been said by the lovely people above me with their responses. Ultimately the animations are amazing and the DLC is great. Both the end of the jog is jarring and the noises leave room to be desired.


I do like that idle animations have been extended to guard thralls, but I do agree that the noise is too frequent, and is drawn from such a small catalog of sounds that it doesn’t really give a pleasant background. I don’t expect there is provision for adding small talk or a wider range of sounds, so reducing the frequency or removing them (but keeping the animations) for thralls beyond a follower makes sense.


I think the easiest way to “fix” this would make a “random window” that cannot overlap. So, you could hear a thrall (or yourself) yawn once so often, regardless of how many people, or thralls recently ./yawned. This would prevent all the yawning noises, and still allow them all to happen. I like the emersion, in an area without 100 thralls, it’s not so bad. But if your in a base with dozens of thralls packed on a few floors, it does get a little meh. Keep the movement, the animations, but tone down the sounds slightly, either in volume, frequency… or add more variety (some of which) are very subtle.


I think just turning off the noises or making the noise animations less frequent should fix it.

But PLEASE, do not remove the idle animations xD

And also, i am 100% with the choice for animations, i even have suggested to be able put emotes on thralls

Or… Just turn off the noises, i think most ppl didn’t like because of the noises. I actually enjoy it, my base feels alive, but i agree that some noises can be infuriating for some ppl.


Some of the idle actions like fiddling with your hands or shifting weight are fine, but large stretches, constant yawns and the like really detracts from the role-play. The larger ones should be moved to the emote wheel and those are the ones that should have noises associated with them otherwise many people and thralls all in one place is a cacophony.


Firstly, I want to say thank you for the DLC and all of the extra love that you all have been putting into Conan Exiles. I love you guys, and I mean it.

The new idle animations are great, I love them, but I too would prefer to not have the noises, I love the animations, but no noises or infrequent noises would be much better.

Also, the stopping when jogging is definitely a bit awkward, I see why it was done, and where it could go, but it’s definitely jarring as it is. Maybe a touch up or two would help?

I did make myself laugh by jogging and stopping over and over for about 2 minutes.

I have the mind of a 5 year old, sue me.


MMMM - Good point! Yes, the less subtle animations should definitely be their own emotes, and not idle animations. Tack that on to my suggestion too.


I agree. Is a survival game, not an orgy

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I would love to say I am so happy with the new DLC and all the stuff that has been added, including the new animations when idle.

The noises on the other hand… when sleeping… when idle… It is so immersion breaking. It just ruins so many moments and so much content for everyone. The other thing that can be removed is the stop animation… it is so incredibly ridiculous, or even just tone it down.


As someone who has bought this game, season passes and multiple DLCs for people to play. I have to say I was a bit upset to see that this DLC(which has a lot of great things in it), seems to break a lot of things for a lot of us that use it for Role Play. The Stop Animation needs to be taken out, the idle noises a function to turn down, turn off or give us a choice on what sound to make. The idle gestures, the same as the noises. We all here LOVE this game and has many communities dedicated towards it. Thank you for all of your hard work and we do appreciate it. Just hope this gets all fixed and sorted soon.

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This coughing drives me mad! My Thralls are well-fed, they have decent clothes and work in full shelter, and now it looks like some epidemic killing my alive property! Stop this coughing ASAP!!!


Agreed. Both my PC female character and my husband’s Xbox female character alternate between sounding like bored coeds yawning and coughing like they have a chest cold. And this if we only pause for a couple seconds. These are not sounds my female warrior should make. It’s really ruining the game for me. Maybe it’s because my husband filled his camp with female thralls also, so the sounds are constant. But with mine it’s just my character making the noise and it’s awful. Please take these sounds away.

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