To the Creators and Developers Team

I have no other way to do this and I want it to be known. 7 months ago I had a difficult time enjoying the game. Mind you it was not about the mechanics of the game but rather the look and admiration of the art and terrain. I have mainly played Elder Scrolls Online being new to gaming in general, as well as Tera in the passed. Recently returning to play due to missing rp in general as well as the interaction with streamers like myself, I enjoy the new look. Recently I had given some feed back with a video of what I could see with my graphics card from one game to the next; as well as in game attire from one set to the other; one terrain to the next with an opinion on it. I feel to me anyway you heard my voice and it means a great deal to me. Alot has changed with the viewing of the meshes and textures in the best way, it is now a whole another world to explore and enjoy. And this is coming from someone on an intel hd graphics card. (which I still intend on upgrading to a better build) No matter. You have done very well in these improvements. You have my appreciation.


With this recent DLC for roleplayers like myself. I fear I may have spoken just a bit tooooo soon. Aside from the differences with graphics which is good. What is absolutely insane, ridiculous and uncalled for is the idle animations and sounds that go with them. This is not something that we want. We the roleplayers, streamers that stream our roleplays and tell stories with characters. Which happens to be the largest community of users that you have at present and the most important ones that bring you the audience of users that you have, do not need this. Basically what you have given us is the animations and audio emotes that npc’s and thralls have already. Why put it on us to be an automatic thing that we have no control over. Give us an off and on feature to fix your code… I don’t like the stop animation every single time my character stops moving. I don’t like the animation that occurs when I stop jumping. I don’t like the fact when I don’t have something in my hand I yawn, and stretch and all this stupid ridiculous nonsense. No body wants to do this all day and every day. NOT like this.

Theif skills, sneaking, stealth is broken because of these additions which totally breaks and hinders stories and roleplay. Roleplay is essentially theatrics in motion and dialogue from one person to the next. Roleplay is not playing a character, or playing the game to free yourself from this prison. You people should know better than this. Fix it or hurt your own business future. I can’t get it out of my ear what people are saying about this dlc. Furniture, building, clothing looks awesome but the emote system is broke as hell.
On this you do not have my appreciation. PLease fix this.

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I for one think it’s about time they’ve added idle animations. Characters shouldn’t just stand there like statues because they’re not statues.

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The stop running animations are ridiculous, no one moves like that, and I should decide when and if I cough, or yawn, or fart or whatever, do you have involuntary bodily movements?

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The idle animations are fine. It’s the noises that are annoying. Normal people don’t stand around sighing and going ‘Hm’ every 2 seconds all day. Maybe just tone it down a bit.

But for the OP, it would be way better to just join the rest of us that have asked for this feature to be reverted. Rather than the bit about RP being the biggest and most important group and biggest audience (which might be true or might not, but is sad if true), so if they want to save the game they should absolutely listen to you and the RP crowd. Going from “Amazing update, thank you so much, the game is beautiful and you listened” to an immediate “OMG, my character yawns so I can’t RP and now everything is ruined because I can’t be a thief and you must listen to us because we’re the most important”…come on. Keep it in perspective and don’t overstate things so much.

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The animations are basically emotes which need to be kept on the wheel and activated by choice this includes the audio noises. This is just common sense to give the player more control over what they do. Not force it upon them.

Also @Maedhros I’m going to tell you like I would anyone else. I will speak how I wish to speak. I will write how I wish to write and I will use my freedoms as an American Citizen to the fullest extent. I will not change how I speak and express my opinions for anyone preferring things to be a specific 'social standard" to cater to anyones preferences of how conversation should be. Freedom of speech is a right and an responsibility to accept it. I have done nothing wrong. If you don’t like what people have said, then don’t say anything and leave a simple reaction or leave it alone. It’s also your responsibility to accept how people speak and write. Not correct them and tell them how they said it is wrong and should have said it differently. You might think it was ok to correct me. However I do not. Have a nice day.


I never asked Funcom to play my character for me, and that stop running animation is godawful, it’s just plain stupid looking.

While I don’t agree with your post about the animations…You totally earned my respect with your Free Speech defense. Amen brother. Too many emotionally weak people these days.

Who is talking about your 'Murica freedom of speech? Say what you want. I have the same ‘right’ to say you’re being an @ss about it and should be more reasonable in how you say it. No one is trying to infringe your widdle freedoms. The whole community agrees with you that the emotes should be removed, but you said it like you’re entitled. If you disagree, then sure, do so. But don’t give me your bullsh*t freedom of speech.

You’re free to speak for yourself, but please don’t act like you’re speaking for all role-players. You’re not.

I, for one, love the idle animations. Heck, I find myself repeating them in real life. (I could do with a little less coughing, moaning and sighing, though.)

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