I got just 1 complaint

I love the new update and the work you’re all doing. I’m not 1 that plays to find bugs and see what i can find broke. I just try to have as much fun as game will give me. None are perfect. Compared to pong that i grew up with, this is awesome gaming. The gaming today has just blown me away as far as when i was a kid to what we have today. It’s insane really. I do have 1 thing i hope you have a hotfix for soon. Nameplates!!! I hate not knowing if i’m killing a named thrall…lol Having to turn them off to keep from server crashing is bit annoying. I need thralls and now i guess i’m supposed to guess and hope they are what i’m looking for?

That’s a Pippi mod issue. Should be resolved once the mod team over in Pippi land have time to update their mod.

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