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So I logged in after the patch went live. I am missing all of my chests that contained stone, wood, brick, equipment, and plant fiber. My Armor Station and the Named Thrall are gone. I am noticing that there is a generic thrall throughout the map. male, long white hair, no name, and no clothes. It took me a long time to gather the materials and the Named Thrall was a hard find…not sure what to do now.

None of my gportal settings are being carried over into the game. Also when I try to change settings within the game on my server it won’t allow me. I am in admin mode and says in the log that change is not allowed in-game or something to that effect. I have all the containers locked open and they are all closed now. So many issues, my head is spinning!

Cause of this new patch, with the big 3 main and really bad bugs, and the other 7ish, me, my clan, and 2 whole servers, just stopped playing. Just fast talking about the temperature, over half of us have to destroy their base and rebuild cause we die of freaking heat stroke in the grass area with a sandstone house and naked :D. Hell no. Well, let’s hope they fix it until people are still interested.

You must be using the Exotic Dancer Thralls mod. Update the mod (a remove it temporarily, because in the coming days, the devs will surely roll out a bunch of hotfixes, and some of those might break the mod again), and the pale skinned no-name male brutes with long white hair will be gone.

Hello Funcom,

I am having serious trouble since the patch as well. I am standin IN a wall and cannot move. Journey is reset and does not work. Basically the game is unplayable for me at the moment - can’t do anything. Please hotfix or help.

EDIT: Playing on an official Server with BattleEye - no MODS


Only mod used is PIPPI. Nothing else, and I don’t have dancing thralls

Normally you need to erstart the Gportal server for any chnges. Well i need to for a PS4 server. Ideally i think the like you to shut the server down then restart after any server changes. Think this is so it applies to all the players not just you.

Server was restarted after the patch. :frowning:

I mean it’s clearly not just me, cause this issue affects others as well because they talk about it here on the forum. Just hope Funcom can do something

Sorry, I was replying to xevilmickx’s post. For some reason, my response was added to the end of the thread.

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Yes and I have done that and it still isn’t working. Some of it never did. Like stamina, but I could change it in-game, but now I can’t do that. So it is really broke. :frowning:

T2 insulated triangles still can be placed inside t1 sandstone triangles tho they stated it was fixed. Some upgrade normally but with some you still get both tires in one. Tested right after the patch. Oh… and please move to Fluid press down a few levels… you cant make t2 insulated when you get the feat due to the oil thingy…