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  1. You cannot remove thralls from workstations.

  2. Clan access doesn’t work, you can’t change someone’s rank within the clan, there isn’t even the option to kick or leave the clan yourself. This is a major problem.

  3. Local server clock time removed from server settings. How are you supposed to know what time pvp is when there is no server clock showing you the exact time!!! FFS.

  4. Lag is even worse, doors pause, fights with animals pause, i even froze for a good six seconds + before i died. E.I. Was next to a house someone built, next thing i know, i am off a cliff dead!. Smh. We all know the lag was bad before, but this patch just made it worse!.

This is what i have noticed thus far, this coming from a day 1 Conan ps4 player.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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One more to add is that when you die your body still disappears on occasion and you lose everything because you can’t find your corpse.

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  • Thralls no longer attack enemies, even after you take a hit. Before the patch, if a Rhino hit me near my base, 3 of my fighters would attack it. If one got knocked away, another would take its place, but it seemed to be limited to three at a time, plus unlimited archers. Now the archers do nothing, and the fighters just run up to the rhino and stand there.

  • PS4 finally has the thrall server reset hp bug. It was fine before the patch, now we have bug parity. All thralls are almost dead after each server reset.

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I had a purge from “desperate exiles”… my base is way up and hardly reachable without elevators…
but a bunch of skeletons (not desperate exiles) and a “wraith” spawned directly INTO my base destroying many things (my almost immobile thralls were some floor below for the defence).
Is that normal? it never happened to me before the parity patch.
Ok that a “wraith” is a ghost but spawning directly inside the core of the base seemed a lil’ cheap: it takes away all the sense of building in vertical trying to be unreachable.

If the purge can’t reach your base you get undead popping up inside. I guess it simulates them coming out of the ground. Try to build a single path to your base and it should work OK.

If the purge does not have direct access to your base (ie up on tower or in water with no bridge) then often the skeletons will purge inside your building

So the elevator spots are not considered valid paths I suppose…

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