PS4 Stamina/Thrall patch

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: | Bug |
Region: [EU (And everywhere else)]

I’m going to post about it once more in the hope a dev or community manager sees this once again in the high hopes they fix it in the next patch. The stamina glitch may be good for running around but it completely ruins pvp, I can deal with the lag and stuttering but not with a dude moonwalking away from me just staring at me forever. The thralls just don’t regen still, how is this possible? The game leaves early access and core mechanics doesn’t work. It’s like releasing call of duty but your hp doesn’t regen or your gun doesn’t shoot sometimes, its ridiculous and they don’t communicate or give any eta’s for a fix or patch for something that should have been fixed the day it was released in early access already.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Fix stamina glitch
2.Fix Thrall regen glitch
3.Maybe even fix lag and stuttering
4. Have a much better, wonderful game!

I have asked about this a fair amount. I was disappointed when we were first told it was going to be fixed last week. Then the PC gets patched and console is shrugged off to “late next week”.

Me and a bunch of friends switch around from Ark, 7 Days and the likes. This was going to be the next game for us all to get hold of, then rent a server etc. I agreed to give it a go as I am a fan of Conan. I told them I couldn’t advise getting the game in it’s current state. Honestly if we hear nothing this week it will be shelved for a few months.

If updates get delayed again and we only hear about it on the back of a PC patch with no explanation why, then i reckon we can take that as console will be ignored for long periods of time. Although i’m hoping this is not the case. I don’t mind delays and can be patient for updates, especially as i know you can’t just push stuff straight out to console. But there needs to be better communication with the community, someone to reply to people on the board and tell us how things are looking.

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Same problem for us, from rust to ark to 7 days to die, to conan, i’m a huge fan of dark souls and bloodborne so this was like dream come true, the pvp is really good, I can deal with the lag and stuttering but everyone just runs… its insane

Hey man when TestLive rolled out Combat in Feb I jumped in and had a blast, only nobody wanted to fight. At that point you could get stung by something in particular and get super speed, so all the weenies on the server outed themselves. I like to fight, some people don’t. After my experience in the PC world, this short interval on the PS4 is like that – an easier time for the guys who can’t or won’t fight. :wink:

I’m just sayin’ you’ve got a build-up, right? These runners have been up to something. So when the day comes and this thing is patched, you’ve got mountains of loot in the hands of duders who don’t fight.