The Aftermath of Parity Patch

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Performance- Bugs]
Region: [US-EU]

in the attempt to help the dev team to adress the old and new issues, let’s try to sum up what this parity patch brought to our daily gameplay on PS4.

I play on PS4 PRO, and if before this patch the game was barely playable, now is basically not.

Benefits brought by the patch:
None , seriously.
I am playing among my 4 bases (2 on EU official and 2 on US official), and in all honesty I couldn’t find yet a single improvement of my gameplay.

Disadvantages brought by the patch:

  • The stuttering caused by memory dumps increased considerably, before I had a few seconds of lock up here and there in my base while loading chests and benches at start up, now everytime I turn my camera or get close to a chest I have 2 or 3 seconds of total lock up. Basically making impossible to go around my bases, which are not even big ones, in fact I would say they are small to medium compared to other bases we have here.
  • Thralls now spawn always with low health and do not recover if the owner is not around, making them basically useless, a problem I have read before but that never affected my thralls, I joined the club I guess.
  • Many items and benches that were placed on foundations affected by the patch disappeard (so much for testing and assuring us that they should not instead), 3 of my bases were totally unaffected , 1 more heavily built on curved pieces was decimated, luckily for me I had the time to read to cautionary announcement and I moved all valuable materials/thralls away, but I am thinking of all those players who didn’t have the luxury to do so and lost everything.
  • Textures streaming delay and (some) sounds delay has increased.
  • Thralls keep falling through foundations and ceilings (I personally experienced falls through insulated wood and Black Ice…oh, if we wont count my T4 dancer that is buried for eternity inside Mitra’s temple of course)
  • All previous minor, but nonetheless annoying bugs, are sadly still there, really …I am trying to keep a positive attitude here, I am sure something has been fixed or improved, but playing for around 8 hours after patch I couldn’t find anything yet that made me go “oh cool, that’s fixed”.
  • Boss Rotbranch and other similar NPCs (aggroed Avalanches etc) are not seen as enemies by 99% of the thralls, therefore not attacked. This makes this kind of monsters ideal to be pulled on bases to have exposed enemy thralls wiped, thralls that will stand there watching getting slaughtered while the Boss AOE attack keep going on, triggered by whoever is pulling the mob (tried it on my own bases to test defences mechanism…it was a massacre)

Please share your experiences to point out disadvantages or advantages this recent patch brought to us.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Just -try- play the game

Bugs are not a priority. They would rather dumped new content, which will introduce new bugs. We seem to be dealing with a permanent bug deficit.

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Noted Disadvantages

  • Lost thralls and items
  • All the ‘balancing’ basically (nerfed potions and drops for example)
  • Leaving players and frustrated clan mates
  • Missing text chat (I expected this patch would add the missing functionality compared to the pc version)

Noted Advantages

  • Relocated ‘encumbered’ notification
  • Some added sound, favoured one being last words of a dying npc saying something like “it was not meant to be like this…”, or something similar. That one is spot on I think :ok_hand:
  • They were able to reduce the patch size A LOT. Awesome optimizing. Feeling a bit sorry for Xbox One players… Or did we miss something?

Mate, if I might be so bold to make a suggestion.
Make it easy on you and just head down to the PC section of the forum and check the many posts listing all the issues of the Mother Of All Patches (MOAP) which your parity patch seems to be equal too.

You would just have to link what others wrote instead of writing it all yourself since all you notice here is live on PC since about 2 months now with only minor fixes.

Thanks Xium, I have seen the PC thread about the same patch, what a mess.
I just thought to bring some order among the many bugs not fixed or freshly introduced by the patch.
I kinda hope they stop “fix” the game at this point, if these are the results.

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