Hotfixes/Smaller Patches vs. Bigger Updates

Hi Exiles :slight_smile:

Here some quick additional info in regard to our patching process:
We are currently doing a lot of smaller hotfixes for crashes and other critical issues either reported by the community or highlighted through internal testing. While these might not fix the issues for everyone immediately, each of these smaller updates is an improvement for someone. In this case, for the hotfixes, our next focus after stability will be server performance and anti-harassment game mechanics.

The same time as these go out, we are also working on bigger patches that will include parity updates (bringing different patch builds or platforms to the same content status), balancing adjustment and various other content improvement. These patches are more complex and have therefore to be tested even more thoroughly. We are looking at a parity console patch that will, at long last, bring missing features and fixes by the middle of next week.

Or to recap, there are different types of patches that are deployed depending on critical status and priority. While we do understand that missing features is really frustrating, not being able to play the game due to crashes or performance issues or critical exploits has to be weighted against bigger content updates.

As always, your continued feedback helps us tackle all of this faster and the team is working hard to bring you content and fixes as fast as they can.

Thank you for your support and understanding. We hope you keep Surviving, Building and Dominating :slight_smile:


So does this mean the patch that is in certification for consoles is the parity patch kr a different patch?

It does include the parity content as well as other fixes, correct. :slight_smile:

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Cool. Thanks for the update. Also any news on if more official servers will be added for ps4?

Does this also include the stamina glitch and thrall fix?

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We are constantly monitoring demand for servers on all platforms and regions and are acting accordingly. I can’t really give any specifics though.

Can you explain more about this?


I 100% agree, server stability right now is not what it could be. I can play for hours on end after having to start SP then exit and select a server. To be honest tho, its kinda annoying I have to do that every time I start the game.

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It’s unplayable at moment, since archpriest are rare spawn, named ones don’t even exist, and we knock them out they go undermap, you taking much time put patches out people getting sick of game, nothing more to do, it’s pure luck not pvp, when the main weapon of game is glitched like this is no way, Conan gg, bye bye, I want my 50€ back I pay a full game not a alphadevgame

We have 5 clans on diferent servers, all people is raging and quitting the game is pure trash at moment sorry guys but I have to say what my guys are felling we waste days here we have all ready, and can’t tame a archpriest? It’s reported since 1st day launch, it’s a SHAME FUNCOM

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Yes i play the game in single player only on ps4 and the performance of the game are very poor.

Thanks for keeping us informed. Looking forward to the patch.


As a first approach, we are looking at mechanics/functionality that will address the issue of players using placeable objects for griefing purpose or to claim wide areas of land easily.


It sounds like it will be new or changed game mechanics to prevent harassment (aka griefing). It’ll be changes to things that aren’t exactly “bugs”, but could be improved. Perhaps to do with foundation claiming.

EDIT: Tascha beat me to it, lol

Hopefully this will also include finishing the Purge system. Currently, enemies will fail to spawn.


Thnx for updating us on the forthcoming updates​:joy:. Just hope with the server fix i won’t get dashboarded and end up butt naked in the dessert with my body and stuff all gone. This is on xb1 a problem since the preview last year. But i still love the game and hope you peepz get it right one day :+1:


So this means we are getting text chat for console with the parity patch? I cant believe you guys didnt roll it at launch .

Survival games with multiplayer servers need text chat…period . Otherwise the whole server feels empty and all the nuances of community building are thrown to the wayside

Get it fixed chaps!


Hahaha ps4 patch will come 2019 i guess , comon guys i dont wana pay for brokem game on ps4 , its like i buy a car and i can only drive 20 kmh until company get there s h i t
done? I realy hope in future the players will stand up together to prevent this kind offraud gaming companys doing with us - game launched on 08.05 and still no bugfixes for ps4 ??? Great job


If you have issues with thralls you must have disable avatars, or you pvp is not pvp, is pure luck, who can get archpriest without going undermap can wipe any clan there for a long but because game is aloha stage we can’t tame the most important piece of game ARCHPRIEST, very good Funcom, is nice seems you don’t give a f*** for that issue

Hope they’re taking a look at your ideas. You’ve had some really good ones on this issue.

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