[PC] Hotfix for Live: Version [98222/17925] (25.05.2018)

Hey all! Quick patch is out. The notes from TestLive on the 16th are not included in this build in order to continue testing and ensure stability. We know issues such as the “light armor” journey bug are still on live but will push out fixes for these in a later patch. Thanks for your patience!


  • Fixed a problem with thralls falling through ground while performing melee attacks near a doorway


  • Balance pass on amount of experience player gains from exploration


  • Fixed a problem with equipped weapons not rendering for other players
  • Fixed a problem with cloning thralls
  • Fixed a crash related to static placeables (which should improve stability in coop play)
  • Fixed a problem where using the radial menu on a controller would block Main Menu from opening

Server Settings

We’ve re-enabled the setting where player bodies when logged out will remain in the world. Private server admins can toggle this with the following command:

Please read the following post as well in regards to patching:


Lusttaker. Crafted at Blacksmith Station. Requiring Manifestation of Zeal. Hello?
Upgrading Foundations / Ceilings will still make crafting stations vanish. When are you going to fix these?

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That is of course very important. You also know about the infinite health regeneration bug, that is impossible to avoid - and therefore always in effect - which is actually game breaking, right? I couldn’t find it on your public buglist, that’s why I’m asking, especially since you mentioned a journey bug will be fixed in a later patch.
Have a nice day and weekend! :slight_smile:


body disappearing after death
an unconscious body not stay ingame
server fps = 4 during whole prime time
Purge not working on official servers
and so on…

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what about the infinity loading screen bug?


So many bugs in Live and so little fixes coming out. What about Thralls being left behind when player buildings decay? The Official servers are getting cluttered with thralls floating in the air. Plus objects placed outside of a building are not decaying. So along with all the floating thralls we have wheels of pain, crafting stations, and pretty much anything else lingering behind when the decay timer hits 0. Corpses falling through the ground, and I could go on and on.

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It is there, you just missed it :wink:

Look… Personally, I’m happy that there are some fixes, but just six fixes after two and a half weeks, when the list of bugs encountered just keeps growing and growing doesn’t seem like a proper pace at all. I’m wondering whether instead of paying more money to open more servers for people to play on, hiring a couple more coders to do some of the smaller fixes wouldn’t be a good idea at this point.

And, if this patch includes more than just these six points, it would be good to convey and communicate all of them.

I for one would love to just be positive about this game and shoot down negative hyperbole as I feel like at least I have personally been doing for the past soon 16 months, and not be negative like this at all, but I do have to speak my mind too.

Ramp up the fixes, please. Do at least a dozen or two dozen smaller fixes with these bigger ones. Something.


Look I know as well as anyone bugs are no fun. however that said do you know how hard it is to actualy fix them if they “fix” one and it’s tied to a larger problem when they fix that it could break the one they just fixed again. From a developer standpoint it’s better to trace them and see if they are all tied to underlying code. Just give it time they will fix it as soon as they can

I know this on the list, but the infinite load screens and respawns is killing play time for people and discouraging them from playing. Ours players are migrating back over to our ARK servers until a fix has been made.

what about the purge not doing damage on pve servers?
how much longer are we suppose to wait on the fix for it?

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Would be nice to have in game warning of server restart. I’d hate to log back in dead.


A surprise, but a welcome one…

Why don’t they do a little work-around for the things, that don’t work after server restart, such as to pick up the non funktionally wells, fish and shelfish traps and Beehives.

That would be a better update as such a nonsens!

Thank you for this hotfix! Appreciate it👍
Question: Does this hotfix solve the issue with the high access times to the database (conan exiles infinite loading screen)?

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What is the estimated downtime?

We got optimizations because consoles needed them, and game works much worse. They reduced shadows quality, we got no performance uplift, I still have 30% uplift in performance with shadows disabled compared to low, and 50% compared to medium-ultra (- some extra stutters on ultra because I would run out of VRAM). I hope that CPU load spikes in specific spots are fixed with this patch, but I doubt it.

Hp regen was fixed in 1 patch, and it came back in next one, 3 days later.

Lightbleed was a thing since I started to play this game and it is still there, in some extreme cases, it can cause GPU to bleed too. We had almost instant log in and no loading screen at some point, because game utilized all cores for loading and then we got slower base loading, longer loading screens, main CPU thread spikes even from as low as 40% to 100% with stutters (because not everyone has at least sandy bridge CPU with 4GHz+ to make them less noticeable). I would not have issue with current performance if we at least knew if they are working on it

I would also like if any of the devs could send me list of all cache files generated/used by CE because beside waiting for crack to check performance, there is nothing else that I can try. Even then, it is questionable if denuvo will be disabled in cracked version or just bypassed, but at least it is something worth checking when denuvo v5 gets cracked.

Will there be changes on the server? Do I have to make a backup now or is it just a client-specific patch? If the automatic update mode is enabled on the server - is it already too late for a backup?

If you recall, many of the current “breaks” are due to the Update #33. Prior to that we weren’t seeing a huge “thralls falling through the ground and vanishing”, or the Weapon and Shield racks no longer “showing weapons” etc., not to mention that the Fishing nets, Wells, and Beehives etc, worked prior to their fix.

I’m not trying to be negative, I’m being realistic. I know coding, I know that in the code itself, a good coder leaves notes so that they can go back to see what was done and where it ties in to something else, as well as another coder coming along and reading said notes, to know what, if anything, might need to be tweaked or undone at that point.

I agree that the money spent on opening these 300 new servers, should be spent on increasing the coding team and track down all the various issues. By appearance, none of the major ones that I’ve been reporting, that others have been reporting, are being addressed. Time, there has been plenty of and little to show for it.

I’m seeing MODders react faster, and fix their issues within a day or two, some in hours. Does this mean they’re better? Well it certainly says something.

And no, I am not an expert coder, so don’t jump down my throat for my comment, thank you very much.

Fix what was broken at #33, that would be a place to start. Look at the notes, what was changed from the state prior to pushing out that HUGE update. Smaller chunks is a far cry better, meaning less crumbs to follow, easier on the ‘fan base’ and much easier to fix if something breaks. Which leaves one to wonder, why isn’t this being tested In House, before releasing, so the players aren’t the “bug hunters”???

To KingOfPredators I agree with the Loading Screen issues, they are ridiculous, and when you Port to an area, and you die because the loading screen is STILL there…

Thanks @Spynosaur_Nicole, I know you’re not responsible.


This is ridiculous regarding the amount of bugs remaining, and for some of them, still there for now more than a year… Excuse me to say that, but the game is (IMO) still in beta phase, this is not properly a release … But this is not like the first time FC just screw up its fan-base…