Syd's Bug Compilation

This is a compiled list of bugs and annoyances I have run into while playing the game. I’ll be updating it every so often with all the new ones I find. There are so many of these that I gave up on the idea of posting each and every one of them, or trying to search if they’ve already been reported, as I’m sure a lot of them have been. I’ll also update the list when bugs get fixed and are no longer occurring, so once this list is empty, it’s all good in the Exiled Lands.

Also note that these are only the ones I’ve noticed, or remembered to jot down, and there’s also a short list of annoyances in addition to straight up bug. None of them are in any particular order. Click on “Summary” below to see the list.


Display racks (3 weapons) won’t display anything
Enemies do a combat yell when they’re in the poison/bleed dying animation
NPC exiles give hide when harvested
NPC exiles give a high amount of hide when skinned with a skinning knife
Eating food doesn’t always give regen buff after the earlier one ends when eaten in rapid succession
Sandstorm inside spider/brimstone/skeleton caves (Executioner’s Entrance / Deathwhisper Ruins)
After loading, it can seem like you’re falling through floors but aren’t really (very old bug)
Repairing items in the inventory seems to take too much resources (have 1 bar, repair 10%…repair fully, use 15 bars)
Vine-giving trees don’t make a sound when hit
Ugly/Rare fish trophies require the wrong fish
Red tents can’t be picked up once placed down
Melee skeletons don’t know how to face the player properly
Planters make a burning sound
Beehives (at least small) only generate 1 honey in the last slot
Health bar shows wrong health, refreshes when eating
After dying, there may be no corpse or corpse marker to retrieve
Trying to repair Steel Poniards in the BS bench with a thrall won’t use up all metal to do as big of a repair as possible when pushing the repair button
Enemies can desync so bad you can’t hit them at all - run towards them, push against them, hit, and swish swish
Fighting under big tents makes NPCs desync quite a lot
When logging in, the blood splatter overlay will be visible even though you’re at full health
Purge monsters won’t deal damage to structures in PvE mode
Healing too fast again (19.5.2018)
Can’t find the book for spit emote, ghosts don’t give the emote
Pickaxe (not a regular pick, the pick+hatchet steel tool) doesn’t give brimstone from brimstone veins in Executioner’s Entrance
Loot chests (regular, not epic) aren’t refreshing loot properly
Thralls don’t face the direction you set them to face when placing them
Thralls can sink inside foundations
Thralls can sink inside the actual static ground
Thralls can get bugged when in follow mode, disappear, “no more followers” bug even if there’s no thrall, and so on
When you’ve got a recipe chosen in the bench but don’t have the materials in the bench, and it’s greyed out, if you then add the materials, you need to switch to another recipe and back again to be able to craft it
Ivory Warhorn is placed with 0/250 HP and can’t be repaired
Left and right inverted sloped sandstone walls have swapped icons
Epic reptilian chest piece and gauntlets have swapped crafting ingredients and swapped stats, or names and images
Wind chimes don’t chime
Unconscious knocked out exiles will slide back a long way when you let go of them when dragging
Unconscious and dead thrall corpses and bodies aren’t really where they seem to be and can’t be hit
Companion thralls will sometimes stop attacking mid-combat
Companion thralls will sometimes engage with their fists
Companion archer thralls (with a properly nocked bow) will sometimes try to go into melee even though they are, well, archers
Ancient braziers can be placed underwater even though they’ve got an open flame
Crafting more building pieces from the quickbar doesn’t give XP
Using a harvesting tool on a single piece of resource (hatchet on a branch for example) will give the full tool yield instead of the single piece (very old bug)
NPC corpses can be invisible
Purge doesn’t want to trigger reliably (f.ex. hours go by without Purge with requirements met, then someone logs in and it triggers)
Purge monsters can spawn in water (bottom of the lake/river) which makes them stuck
If a chest has all of its slots full, can’t shift-click an item to move it to a stack in the chest even if that stack has room
Silent Legion skeletons in the keep can’t always walk down stairs
You can fill water flasks through the floor if you’ve built on water
You can fill the waterskin through the floor if you’ve built on water, and get a drink at the same time
If you log in and that triggers a purge (minimum player required for example), it won’t always show the purge on the map
Arena ambient music can stay on when you leave it
NPC exile yells don’t match the subtitles
The Stygian Soldier -set crafts instantly
Mitra altar T2 has no visual priest even if its in the altar
Can’t snap a ceiling in place on top of a diagonal support beam if the beam is already in place
Can’t snap a ceiling in place in front of a doorway if the door object is already in place
Dismantling a support beam has no visual or aural effects
Sitting in a chair while underwater will have some breathtaking consequences
Companion thralls sometimes go into “sleep mode” and won’t attack enemies even if the enemies are damaging them


Can’t grind skulls for bonemeal
Smallest palm gives wood, medium palm gives vines (no wood), large palms give wood
The huge “YOU ARE OVER ENCUMBERED” -sign block containers and is annoying as hell
Silk can’t be crafted in the benches, takes forever in the inventory
With a T3/T4 armorer, you can make one twine out of one fiber, and while one vine gives three fiber, one vine will only give one twine, resulting in a 66.666% loss
Left and right inverted sloped sandstone walls have dumb snaps when placing, can’t place them in certain logical ways
Companion thralls in follow mode basically need to get hit before they care about enemies, and even then it’s questionable
Hatch frames don’t snap the same way ceilings do for some reason
The icons of the different tiers of kits when looking at the weapon with one applied are almost indistinguishable
Ymir altar T2 costs 100 corpses worth of religious items which seems wrong

More awesome bug lists by other posters in this thread:


Great post. Thank you for your efforts, I hope the devs will see this and work on those nasty bugs if they aren’t already.

bumpity bumpity bump +1

Definitely this.

There’s a perk designed to be used specifically when over encumbered, yet we get punished for utilizing it with incessant message spam. It’s truly obnoxious and pointless. Who needs to be reminded every 1 second that they’re over encumbered?

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A couple more additions to the list. Hoping to see some of these being fixed in upcoming patches though. If anyone can say for a definite certainty that one or more of these have been fixed, please do reply here, and I’ll move them to a fixed section.

Also, feel free to post to this thread if you’ve got your own longer lists of bugs, as although I won’t append my own list (I’ll keep it just for stuff I can be sure are bugged), I’m sure Funcom peeps may read through the thread and notice the other lists too.

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Ever get the one where you type in global chat, backspace your characters and anything you type after just re-types what you just deleted? I was mashing “sdsdsdsd” on my keyboard and it actually typed out a whole sentence…

A few bugs that i don’t see in the list:

  • In melee combat enemies come in to close, so that shields can intersect and player char can get stuck inside npc (e.g. skeletons) and can get stuck inside mobs (most notably rhinos).

  • mobs/npc’s can get stuck inside building mesh (e.g. altar at Narrowneck Span camp) and building pieces (e.g. foundation blocks), and can get stuck on trees, rocks, slopes.

  • some rocks (stone nodes) are very hard to hit, looks like they have incorrect collision mesh.

  • some rock outcrops (terrain features, not actual terrain) are ignored by npc’s, they walk through and archers can shoot through. Example: rock outcrop at the bend in the river between Bonebreaker’s Bend and Scavenger’s Berth.

  • (single player) no rain/snow/fog effects

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Even with all these bugs I still really enjoy this game!

very sad this is still so long and no one seems to care
but at least it spares me to write basically the same list

great list… add to it that fluid presses are not working correctly

Many of these bugs are still with us… Devs. Let’s see this stuff get fixed before DLC content rolls out. This is an embarrassing trend of rolling out more content before bugs get fixed…


  • Ymir faith still costing X5 more OR Hoar-frost axe not yielding shards from trees
    (either scale down the craft costs or give us back shards from lumbering)

  • The Huntress bow has in its tooltip Bonus Sruvival but actually gives Bonus Accuracy

  • Sound cue for Witch Queen lazor beams remains in loop for hours after leaving the instance

  • Key-yielding boss Rockslide has ridiculously low health pool

  • Missing white/black dye Thrall spawn

  • Missing legendary repair kit Thrall spawn

  • Missing derketo priests

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What kind of an issue have you run into with fluid presses? I’ve personally not noticed anything (yet), so I’m just curious about the specifics, plus if Funcom peeps read through this, they might like to know as well.

Good list!


  • Beams lose their support value after server restart resulting in buildings getting destroyed on login. (Workaround: None, craft better houses, forget about ceiling over a circular maproom)
  • On a PvE server without drop on death I keep losing my equiped weapon or tool when I respawn in bed. 7 times out of 10 it’s just gone from my inventory when I respawn and it’s not dropped in bed or where I died. (Workaround: None, craft new stuff)
  • Moving a thrall a short distance might end upp with the thrall visually where it was. Hovering on it shows the name in the air on it’s new placement, and to be able to move it again you will have to interact with the invisible thrall under the name. (Workaround: Move the thrall further, move it back)


  • Vanir settler earrings give out a rattling sound when moving that drives me nuts. (Workaround: lower volume so you barely hear anything in-game)
  • Missing named thralls so that all weapons and armors can be built Flawlessly. As far as I know there’s no armorer for Vanir armors for example. (Workaround: play with something that doesn’t fit character concept or play nerfed)
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No, but you can press them into bones in the Liquid Press

Not missing, just only available as part of a Purge. No less annoying, but at least they exist… sorta.

Well we have a bug that is being abused by a clan well… A group of clans… They do an emote have someone kick them and they are now stuck in the animation. They then equip weapons that will now be invisible till they attack. This is a problem because they are almost all max clans and its making it difficult to handle in team fights because you 1 dont know what attacks they are using 2 dont know what direction they are attacking till they already hit you and 3 if they do it for the lay down emote you cant even tell if they are sprinting or jogging. We have no admins on our server because its official so they just do this with no consequences. What should I do?

Are we sure of this? Did anyone use the construction kit to check the spawn tables? (my PC can’t handle it).

I’ve seen several Desert Dog (purge) named cooks, skinners, carpenters and armorers (who do not make flawless nor exeptional epic armor - although those can be found in the admin table), but no blacksmith nor alchemist. From what i’ve seen none of the named crafters that come with purges can make any culture-specific armor.

Great List! Thanks for compiling together. A comment though because of the size…see after my addition.

Only 1 to add.

  • Placing a Signpost and the Purple Tapestry gives a “Building Here Would Block Your Spawnpoint”

The list a is HUGE…like others…I love playing this game to escape and relax. Your list though needs to be better formatted. Not my OCD but it is REALLY hard to read and keep track of. I know for a fact that when I was running my own servers (NWN1 & 2) that having a clean format made it stupid easy for me to copy and add notes under each point when they were fixed. Did not have a huge list like this…but I digress. :smiley: I don’t think we would get Funcom to add notes to your list…but it is hopeful at least they can copy it and not lose hope by reading a glob of unorganized text. Sorry…not lecturing…just looking at this from a developer side of things.

Before each point…perhaps

  • Building :: Some Building Bug

or perhaps


  • Some Building Bug
  • Next Building Bug


  • First Thrall Bug
  • Second Thrall Bug

As long as the Funcom devs are able to decipher it, that’s all that matters. It’s not here for other forum users. It’s a notepad list that I add a line to quickly whenever I come across a bug, or remove one of I’m sure it has been fixed, and then I do a simple copy paste into the thread. I’m not planning on putting any effort into making it purty though, but who knows, if Funcom starts fixing the bugs and removing a good chunk of the list, some strikethroughs might be in order, and at that point I might even consider using bullets.

As for right now though, there’s really no point. However, it was getting long enough that I threw it under some summary tags.