A few bugs to fix and Quality of Life recommendations

Game mode: [Online | Coopplayer]
Problem: [BUG]
Region: NA


  1. I would have to say 1/10 times i die i lose my body (disappears) off the screen when i return to it. My coop player can see my body , but when he logs off i cant see it. He would just pass me my items and we would continue playing. If he is logged i lose everything on my char.
  2. The Hyperborean Slaver set shows in the “FEATS” it is HEAT resistant, but when i make the EPIC set it shows a COLD resistance in the stats.
  3. While running around with a thrall knocked out on a rope… i head up stairs i built and sometimes they disappear off the rope. (sometimes i find them miles away from where i lost them off the rope/stairs DEAD)
  4. While using a Large Camp fire i would put fish in it and cook them… the product would be Ichor and cooked fish. For some reason now when i cook fish i dont get Ichor.
  5. Crimson Lotus Flower doesnt grind down to dust in the grinder. This makes it hard making the potions and war paints when they require the dust :stuck_out_tongue:
  6. I am sure this has been mentioned lots as well, but here it is from me. Most NPC’s and even some bosses (Kinscourge) some how go underground and get stuck, where all we can hit is his head (barely).
  7. Not sure if this is intended or a bug, but when i get drunk (5 times) i get the buffs (Vit/Str/poison). I then take a Elixor of Vigor (Vit buff) and they dont stack. Like i said, not sure if this in intended or a bug. It would be nice if they did stack, but i understand if it is intended not too.


  1. while making a weapon or piece of armor, or even a potion, it would be nice to see what the outcome will be with stats BEFORE MAKING IT. It is just a pain in the butt to have to continuously look in my feats to see what weapon or armor has for stats.
  2. I would be nice to have some food buffs other than the encumbrance buff from rhino head soup.

I think this game is very cool, and I cant wait for all the bug fixes and all the new dungeons coming in the pipeline.