A Few Suggestions & Bug Reports

Hey guys!

I‘m playing on a PvP Server and i’ve noticed that not just one or two, but ALL my fighter and archer Thralls, are passive. They wont react if attacked by another player, if i attack another player or another player is even nearby. After fights (they sometimes react to NPCs) they will unequip their weapon, fighting with their fists if another NPC comes nearby.

Combine these problems, and they’re useless in PvE due to enquip but most certainly also in PvP cause my defenders are having a coffee break when enemy attacks. Mmkay.

Another bug is the Journey… And yes i’m talking about the fabled “light armor” journey bug. I know you guys have heard of it already, i just want to make sure it’s on my list too, so it’s not forgotten because hot damn it’s a piss in my ear.
Also, i’ve heard some of my friends talk about logging out for sleep, next day they come back online and they cant complete ANY of their Journey, because it’s back to the starter Journey (Chapters they’ve already done) and it’s greyed out. No matter what they do, they cant proceed their Journey.

EDIT 1: Another bug is that ladders doesnt seem to work. I can only place ONE in hatchframes (only 1 foundation high, cant make them longer by connecting another one), and once that is done i cant climb the ladder either.

Another bug i’ve experienced is… Let’s say i trap a person in my house, because i nearly died and he ran in with me, so i close him inside. He can pick everything up, and then go close to a wall, drop everything and the items will appear on the other side of that wall. So if he has another teammate, that guy would be able to pick it up and run away, leaving them losing 0 and me everything they’ve taken.

A Suggestion;

I know it sounds easier than it is, but would you potentially think about raising the cap on your servers? Like 40 aint many people, and we’re 3 in my clan, but only 1 online at a time, because NO ONE can enter the server because it’s always 100% full and people who are on the server who needs to do in real life stuff, goes AFK in base. I’m not saying 100 people. But like 50-70 would be so amazing for everyone, and it would help contribute to a more “live” server. As said, i know it sounds easier than it is, but just think or maybe do something about it, i know it’s not just me who feels this way out there.


Another bug i’ve found is that ccertain areas (none in particular to my knowledge, it’s random if it occurs) can become “unavailable” as in if you try to run somewhere and it’s bugging out for you, you will teleport back to where you stand if you try to run as much as 1 meter. This is partly fixed by rolling. Once you’re in the “unavailable” area you cant run anywhere, but rolling will fix it, as long as you run back where you came from, instead of trying to run to where you were going in the first place. Rolling fixes the glitch, but not the area.

I’ll try to keep this thread updated on a regular basis, as it’s not intended to flame or be a mad post about various issues, but more like a help or informative source, so that the problems can be heard, noticed and solved.

Kind regards,

Captain Awesome.

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