Archer Thrall Bugs

Game mode: [Online private]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvP]
Region: [EU]

[Describe the bug here]

I know some of the issues with Thralls have been brought up in the past, just wanted to share what I’ve experienced in case it changes anything.
I play on a private server with only one other member. and i currently have 2 archer thralls from the lemurian camp in the jungle (one named, one a level 2 i believe).
at some point, they will just stop wanting to attack (will enter hostile stance but will not move or fire anything). I cant recall exactly at what point the changes happen, but i can give a list of things i have done to hopefully recreate.
the issue does seem to fix on server restart.

Things Ive done to the thralls

  1. added armour (dlc, to the named thrall but not the level 2)
  2. given them daggers (abysmal dagger and steel ones)
  3. Ran up a spiral tree (this one seems odd so let me add context, my base is on top of an isolated land form in the jungle, with only 2 entrances that dont involve climbing, one of them is ‘Warriors Walk’, a toppled tree, and the other is a spiral tree. the only reason i mention this is because the state of the thrall had change at somepoint before and after i ran around the tree to get home. i cannot confirm if this was the trigger for it tho)
  4. Fight, i wanted to test their damage out so i took them to fight a feather rhino thing in the jungle, the first time they thought was fine, not sure if the bug immediately happens after this but it seems any future fighting after this point would not work.
  5. Scouting, if i ever told them to stop once they were bugged, they would gain the status ‘scouting’ rather than ‘guarding’ even when within the base proximity.
  6. Teleporting, the thralls would not walk and instead just teleport closer as i got farther away.

I know most of these issues have already been reported but hopefully this might help find an issue as to why it happens.
Best of Luck, and keep up the good work.

The issue you describe has been fixed on testlive. When testlive rolls over to live you will see the patch for it.

There have also been additional changes to the AI that is on TestLive for the thralls. Yes, archers will attack anything in their hunt group by default that gets into their range. Additionally, they will call for help from others up to 30 meters (I think this is right) away to kill the intruder. This has resulted in some very interesting traffic jams in my base with all of them trying to get in position to shoot the target. Only 4 will shoot at a time if they have a good shot. Their aim is deadly.

The jaguar shown was actually avoiding the simple palisades that are placed and has actually followed me through the gate to the left in the current TestLive build.
They will return to their positions once the threat has been killed. I have tested this in my base in areas with both fighters, archers, and archers with swords as additional equipment. They all will move to eliminate the threat and I have seen them kill the threat before I can get my sword and shield equipped.

none of my archer thralls are firing anything even when getting attacked, they will bring up their bow, and look, nothing else, (this is happening when an archer is set to companion. )

funny it was working before the last hotfixes (cant tell when it got broken)

dont you guys at funcom believe its something funcom needs to fix in a hotfix instead of waiting for testlive patch? just saying. archers are useless now.

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