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2 bugs I have found thralls switching weapons. weather there on follow or a npc archer when they switch weapons half the time they stand and just look at the target and are un able to attack even if you switch there weapon multiple times the stand there doing nothing. 2 some of the thralls will always put cloths back on even when they don’t have them? how is that possible? messing up my bar man!

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. fight a npc archer half the time if they switch weapons they do nothing… or have a thrall on follow and give them a trungeion and have them use it most the time on follow they will pull the weapon out but do nothing.
  2. thralls that have no armor place some let the server reset they will magicly have the cloths they are showing without having them some do some don’t but I have some I don’t want certain cloths on some I do. A stupid glitch to have.

Hey @D-Rik

We’re aware of these inconsistencies in thrall behavior and our team is looking into it.
Thanks for the feedback and patience.

Hi, @D-Rik

Unless something has recently changed there is a simple workaround for that.

  1. set thrall on follow
  2. (un)dress thrall as willing
  3. stop following
  4. wait for server restart
  5. Naked thall will have visuals of clothing (or lack of them) from the moment of “stop following”

From my experience, this happens when a combat thrall is following one “routine” or script when the type of weapon is changed on them. I suppose that this might also happen if you give your thrall two differing weapons.

For best results, I would recommend not changing a thrall’s weapon until their combat routine (or script) is complete. This can be observed by watching the thrall fight, and wait until they put away their weapon. You can tell that the script is complete because of the speed with which they put their weapon away. When the enemy is depleted of hit points (or subdual points), your thrall will often put the weapon in hand away FASTER than the enemy will take to hit the ground. Arguably this is a “seam” in the game, because the putting away of the weapon will interrupt and prevent the thrall from completing that last strike motion. If this were more seamless, the thrall would be allowed to complete that last animation.

Anyway - once that aggro script is complete, that is when it is safe to change the weapon on your combat thrall.

If you end up changing the weapon while the aggro script is still active, this has a chance of putting your thrall into a state of confusion. My theory is that they are operating on a 2h weapon script, and perhaps they now have a 1h weapon in their hand. Or vice versa. This will cause the thrall to go “brain dead,” and they will not attack. They will react to mobs - get up in their faces - but they will not perform an attack. My thinking is that they are executing the 2h script which does not tell them how to swing a 1h weapon. Also, the exiting of the active script is prevented due to some other logic issue that is tied to the weapon type.

If you get in this state, there are a number of ways to get the thrall out of the script loop that they cannot seem to exit. Some have had success with removing, and replacing their armor. I have had the most success in giving the thrall back the other weapon they were using prior to the point where they went brain dead. For me, this is most often switching my thrall between a greatsword (2h) and a truncheon (1h). Once you give them back their other weapon, find a mob somewhere and see if they will perform attacks as expected. Usually, my thrall will begin swinging again as I would expect. Let your thrall beat on and kill the mob, and then exit the aggro script. If you’ve given your thrall a truncheon, you might have to help them out. But killing the enemy SHOULD make the thrall’s aggro script come to an end and complete out.

Once the thrall has put the weapon away, you should be safe to swap again to the desired weapon that you want your thrall to use.

Waving to @Ignasi, in the event that this description might assist with recreation or analysis efforts. :slight_smile:


Solid analysis, Cauthey, and well worth trying. This bug has annoyed me to no end, and yet, there is no end in sight.

I have developed a standard practice when starting a run (note: starting) by placing the thrall in guard position, then handing him two weapons, a two-handed sword and a truncheon, then returning him to follow. When at the intended location and after identifying the target, I remove the one I do not want him to use. This seems to eliminate almost all of the responsibility-shirking. There are times when he will not attack, but most are attributable to getting ‘stuck’.

I can repeat the above unless in a prohibited area, say, Sepermeru. Your technique should work well there, thank you.

Still, I yearn for the day that none of this is necessary.



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Yes, Sepermeru is tricky. Mainly because they so many dudes, and you don’t necessarily want to KO them all.

Pelor (RIP) and Erii both are maniacs in there. I find that it is best to simply approach with only the greatsword in his inventory to clean out the trash. When there is a thrall that I want to take, I’ll actually run him outside of town, and make sure he’s safely swapped to trunch and check to make sure he’s swinging on a shaleback, or something.

The problem with equipping them with the trunch by default is that they will just keep busting up and KO’ing everyone. That means that you leave an “aggro’d” mess for the next exile that comes through. Or you’re busy poking and slashing at the ground to clean up all of the useless thralls that you aren’t interested in.

The general rule is that I do not take a weapon out of my combat thrall’s hand. That seems to be most likely to make them go brain dead. Unless they are currently brain dead.

If you find that your thrall has gone brain dead - you can try hotswapping his weapon directly to his hand to fix him. I know that @Barnes has explored this to some degree, also. This has also been a successful correction when I could not get other methods to work.

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no I have had them totally not in aggro and they won’t switch. however its a stupid glitch none the less.

Actually, the truncheon on Seeker is fine by me. I typically clear an area before moving on. T4 gets pulled to the side, group the others, 1 poison arrow, grab loot as I harvest religious stuff, pull T4 to wheel.

Fresh spawn for the new guy, or me, no agro.

But D-Rik is right, it’s a damn annoying bug when they just stand there. I had it happen tonite, had to return to base, park thrall, reboot game, start all over. That worked, but took time away from my enjoyment and was frustrating.

I really hope this gets fixed.



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