Issues with Thralls

So one of the funnest parts about this game is Thralls. unfortunately there are sooooo many bugs with them right now. I rent a server and have had nothing but issues with thralls.
I am going to list some bugs and a hopefully Funcom can let us know what they plan on fixing. And what are there plans? Also what can we expect? Funcom has talked about being able to give thralls task’s and jobs. maybe even have them patrol. Is that still in the future? and if so sooner or later?

I love this game and will continue to play it but i really was hoping these thralls would be fixed by now. I have
Some ideas that would be cool and i think would have a fun element to this game that wouldn’t be hard to implement that would give some fun depth.
Ill list those in another form. this one is for the small bugs we still have.
any ways here on the bugs!

  1. Weapon equipping, seems to always break one way or another.

  2. Level 3 and named thralls spawning in with low HP every time we log in.

  3. Why are thralls so DUMB? Line of Path issues getting hung up on other thralls until i move them manually.

  4. Picking there fights? when an enemy comes in sometimes they wont fight sometimes they do?

  5. default stance, some are standing up strait some have weapons equipped and some are standing there with there fists up… is this working as designed?

yes, you’re right, so this tread may be helpfull to you i hope.