General thrall bugs

So the new patch has landed and personally I’m quite happy with the new thrall features! Only thing is it seems a bit buggy. Like thralls don’t seem to hold nearly as much aggro as they used to,I sincerely hope this will be fixed. Also I can’t see the health bar for the thrall. Anyone else experiencing these issues?

The health bar is sorely missing…and the there are some issues with the thralls getting confused sometimes but I have found getting used to the single and double ‘e’ press while targeting to be quite useful when they do get confused.

damn… same here. Thralls lose aggro at my first hit and no health bar.
I’m trying to find a way to revert to 39 while they fix everything.
Game is almost unplayable in solo.

I haven’t tried the “double e” command but I will now. I’m glad it’s not just me experiencing these issues. Hopefully it’ll get fixed soon.

Hey @msundell

Welcome to our community and thanks for the feedback.
The aggro change is intentional, while the health bar issue is being looked into as other players reported similar problems recently.

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I am more concerned with them just dropping dead for seemingly no reason.

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They get massive confused, if the enemy is out of “sight”. So when a skeleton makes his charge attack, the thrall puts his weapon back…

Have seen that behavior at the Mounds yesterday. Killed the fix Cim spawn and then 2 blue skeleton came. I just wanted to see, how my lvl9-10 cm handles them.
Well… I think she landed 1 attack, after ~2minutes… Most of the time, she put the axe in hand, waits for I dont know what, then the skeleton makes his charge attack which often didnt hit the Cim and then the Cim put his weapon back, until she was attacked in the back again.
Then she puts the weapon out, moves to them and looks them aggressivley in the eyes just to ignore them some seconds later :smiley:

I think the 1h axe has still some issues. 1h mace works quite fine.

Hey thanks for the response!
So the aggro drop is intentional you say,that makes no sense at all. My char has 380 something HP. MY Cimmerian berserker thrall has nearly 8k HP. Why would you not favour the thrall to draw the most aggro? Sure normal mobs might not be a problem but bosses?
I don’t get it…but by all means,if there’s a rational explanation as to how aggro is divided between player and thrall then I’m all ears. Honetly I’d love to hear it.
Aggro aside…there’s still the remaining issue with the thrall being broken during boss fights. Suddenly the thrall simply comes to s stop. I have been able to activate the thrall again if I bring the boss to it but as soon as it’s out of reach the thrall simply stops and no amount of commandeering makes any difference to his lack of participation in the boss fight.

I understand there’s a lot of moaning about the game but personally it’s simply because I really enjoy the game.

Thralls kill harmless animals like rabbits and teleporting stupid around .horse xp nerfed ? really ?
if thralls too strong we can change it in server settings why patching anything about this ?