Things broken since patch

Game mode: Official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PVP
Region: United States

  1. This has been mentioned but it is a HUGE one. Prior to the patch there had been an issue with thralls not attacking when you switch out weapon TYPES. The patch has made that MUCH worse. Since the thralls are constantly “switching” weapons, that is them putting the weapon away and re equipping after every mob, they appear to be registering they have a new weapon TYPE though they don’t. This causes a loop of them trying to find the “right” weapon type. It might have to do with default they start with, I don’t know. Just a thought. All I know is they will ignore attack commands and won’t attack things attacking you. They just stand there juggling the weapon they have.

  2. Fight with Red Mother is almost impossible now. Previously you could get the thrall sunk into the ground so they could attack and not be knocked back. It was a little cheesy, but lets face it, that fight is BS since EVERY attack the dragon has is a knock back and knock backs reset thralls. That means the thrall gets knocked back, stands up and has to search for a new target because it gets knocked senseless i guess, and by the time it decides to attack again the dragon is knocking it down or halfway across map. NOW the thrall gets stuck in the ground up to its neck and can’t attack. Dragon will then get bored and walk away, resetting its health, or it attacks the player. The later is preferable because the thrall sometimes decides to pop out of ground. In RARE instances the dragon will fall through the ground. A fight that used to take a few minutes took me fifteen to twenty because it either kept resetting health or i was running around trying to get my thrall to get unstuck.

  3. Abyssal Remnant is not attacking. She just sits happily in her acid bath smiling at you. Thralls can’t attack her and I’m not sure if bows work. I hit her with the hunting bow i had and it looked like HP kept regenerating.

  4. Aggro ranges for mobs. For some reason mobs REALLY hate thralls and mounts and will aggro from VERY FAR distances. The entire first level of the Summoning Place attacked my thrall the moment we walked up the first set of stairs.

  5. Thirst timer. Hunger is normal but the thirst timer goes down way faster. This is on an official server, so the setting is normal. Are you supposed to go through an entire water skin in fifteen minutes? Seems a bit excessive and I never noticed it that badly before except in volcano. This is cruising around with the Soothing buff. I’m having to keep three water skins on me in case i get caught away from a river now.

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  1. Get on game.
  2. Play.
  3. Profit?

I noticed all these things, too.
They really broke the game. No more fun at all

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Add to this list:

  1. No more thrall healthbar–when to use a healing arrow? Are there detrimental effects on them? No idea, because the only way to see is to open up their paperdoll. Impractical during boss fights.
  2. Thralls constantly getting stuck in varioius objects, rocks, building parts, etc. They cannot follow you if they are stuck.
  3. The stop/move, etc thrall commands seem to be hardwired to the default keys originally set by Funcom. Even though they respond to player keybinds as well, the new commands DO NOT overwrite the default keybinds.
  4. Random damage to building parts at locations all over the map, even though the bases have been refreshed during the last 24 hours.

Add to this list:
Broken bow`s heavy attack dmg on 40+ accuracy. on 39 is ok. when 4th perk is taken - heavy attack dmg is nerfed.

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I have had issues with thralls just standing around and not doing anything during fights. Got killed by a 3 skull corrupted wolf that I normally would have been able to kill with help of thrall because thrall stood there watching. Thralls acting like stroke victims.

I have no idea how to recreate the problem because it is intermittent, and happens despite whether or not you have Attack All on or not.

I noticed this too and more bugs and issues in the game after last update.

  1. many plants and trees are deep in ground, only the top is seeing
  2. all enemies heal faster and so is the bow a bad joke
  3. many things are unreal after update (plant eaters (deer, elk, elephant, mammoth) attacks you, but you are far away enough from them and don’t attack them. (are they yet predators?)

the abyssal remnant have i today killed in sp only with aktivated unlimited endurance, so you can shoot with the bow without to wait for filled up the endurance again.

this game is after last update more broken, makes no longer so fun as before this update.

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  1. Thralls stuck in stones,textures,in ground after knoked down,between two trees… anywere, so I need use exit-begin game to fix!
  2. And often tralls does not appear near you after moving very far, but in tralls panel they are ‘following’… maybe on other planet?!
  3. Bows are useless. Not logical, no good damage, rare (three bows for about fourty melee weapons in legendary chests). Why?!

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