Thrall bug won't attack or defend

Game mode: [solo | Singleplayer]
Problem: [bug]
Region: [America]

After the parity patch, my thralls don’t attack or defend against enemies npc or other creatures. does anyone have this bug? but it does attack only when you command it to follow. I’ve also tested something out, i have two places that i have decided to make my base. i have bases in the north and near the place where beginners begin. somehow my thralls in the north does not attack or defend but the ones in the beginner place does which is weird. again does anyone seems to have this problem?

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Yes, same here.
Thralls are spawned with low health and do not recover it unless the owner is around.
Thralls do not attack or defend, happened to me just yesterday during a massive purge on my base, my 25 T3/T4 thralls fully geared stood there doing absolutely NO THING for the whole duration of the purge.
As it is right now, after “parity patch”, my thralls are completely useless.

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yes I have that bug no clue why thralls don’t attack since the new patch when I attack a thrall it runs the other way and stop and just stare at me my thralls are dying cause there low on heath did they add the feeding system yet every patch we get it seems that there going backwards on update im wondering if they even play this game or even care about there JOBS if I was CEO of this company I would totally go on a FIREING spree I called and made a complaint to better business bureau about funcom stealing my money cause this game is broken called PlayStation about they told me to contact funcom support witch they don’t have 1 I just want my money back cause this game will never be right more and more people are leaving this game every update

Are you guys experiencing the same with archers? even with their weapon force equiped with items filling up the inventory, the thralls still unequipe the weapon after a few minutes.

I’ve been running around trying to keep them equipped during a 4 hour siege on my base today… ugh

I’ll attach screenshots later for a dev to never look at. just doing my bit…

It looks like my archers replaced the bow in there hand for whatever arrow equipped to that bow. They literally holding arrows and dying.

BTW, they don’t have arrows in their inventory.

It’s a known bug on PC for a while. Funcom has it listed in their known bugs list as investigating. The best thing that people can do, including on Consoles, is to try and find a way to get the behavior to repeat itself. Which in itself is a hard task to do. As in, try and find a time that they are doing what they are supposed to. And then make notes or mentally try and remember things that you did up until they stopped working kind of thing. I realize that it probably happens basically all the time now, but maybe you see something a lot of us other PC users have missed.

That said, in the latest dev stream and youtube interview this was brought up. AI behavior improvements in general are being worked on as a whole.

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