Please, Please, Please Fix Thrall's!

Nothing is such a bummer than getting ready to go adventuring gearing up and grabbing you favorite thrall and heading out, only to find that your thrall won’t attack anything. Totally sucks! Does it happen all the time? for me about 50% of the time. Does it happen with a specific thrall? No, it’s random. some thralls SEEM to be better than others, but then they eventually bug out. I know its not just me i have seen countless videos on line doing the same thing. I hate to complain but i really like this game. does anyone know of a work around until they get this fixed? logging in and out doesn’t always work (sometimes it does but its a pain).

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It is a bug. I go thru the same issue with my thralls. I have learned to “test” them first on some low level mob etc, before going into the end game stuff. If they wont fight, I get another one and try it.


It’s a serious bug that the Devs don’t seem to be commenting on much. IMHO it is a failrly game breaking bug if they don’t fix it soon.

Yeah, I only have about one thrall out of a bunch that will regularly attack. The others just stand there or back away leaving me to die.

The solution will hopefully be the Thrall Overhaul the Devs are working on.
If the player would be able to give a direct command to his Thrall to attack a special enemy and if the player would be able to define the behavior of his Thrall then this issue wouldn’t be there.
Really - this Overhaul has to get a big improvement for the Thrallsystem - it will certainly be the most important update since Release.


… I’ve not heard of this and, in fact, heard that such a system was impossible. Granted that was a while ago.

Where are you getting this info?

I have many fighters from Volcano, but I always used my bearer before the last patch.

But with Dacias or Kistis I never had such a problem. Yeah, sometimes they dont attack until you get hit…

Dacias has a 2h spear. Eris has Lovetap or black ice broadsword and a shield.
Can swap lovetap and sword without any problems…

With the T4 bearer I had that problem 1-2 times. After I gave him a legendary weapon, which was 2h. Then he would just stand near the enemies doing nothing…

I’d love to know more about this thrall overhaul. Where did you hear this?

I haven’t been able to catch their streams as of late, so likely missed it.

They anounced it last year together with an overhaul of the building system (which they did early this year - faster loading times …), an overhaul of the pvp/siege system and UI Improvements.

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Take their weapon and fight some low level mob. 99% of the time they will start to do unarmed, during the fight, put a weapon in their hand.

I only tried once where they didn’t start to do unarmed and I never tried where they didn’t wanna hit with the weapon, when they were already doing unarmed.

Happens to me about 30-40% of the time.
What helps me is to get hit by the enemy and then just wait. Thrall will start attacking sooner or later. ALWAYS does. I have waited for it maybe like a max of 45 seconds.
It seems like his artificial brain gets a huge lag sometimes. Also, it mostly happens when the server is under high load, 35+ players, ping going up and down.

This is a huuuuuuuge bug!!! Ruins the game experience 100% Devs not talking about a huge daily bug probably means their not capable of fixing it. Get too many thralls on PS4 your game just freezes up its unplayable

They have mentioned it many times, AI fixes has also been in patch notes.

The fact that you can only have a certain number of thralls before the game gets to laggy is also known.

I have found kind of a halfass solution to this…

If you find yourself in an area where you want your thrall to start attacking right away, quickly click on them and select Stop Following. They’ll immediately pull out their weapon and attack everyone around them.

Just remember to make them follow you again before you leave.

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It was recently mentioned changes to thralls will come “:soon:”, once they are not so much focused on new content and bug fixes any more (say, one of the next big patches). Before that happens, we’ll likely be getting another hotfix with much requested fixes. It’s also likely for the Riders of Hyboria Pack to be released in advance of the next content patch.

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Well, hopefully what I’m hearing about thralls being reworked is true, but in the mean-time, try looking at it like this. They won’t attack because they hope you’ll die.

Think about it. Imagine you’re out doing your thing and someone runs up to you and clubs you in the head. You wake up and find yourself chained to this giant wheel, forced to walk in circles and eating sludge until you finally give in and your spirit breaks. Next thing you know, you’re decked out in armor and told to go fight some gigantic spider that’s pure nightmare fuel.

I don’t blame them for not wanting to help you. lol


Yeah, assuming the Thrall rework see the light of day that would be great.

In the mean time, if they could fix the issue though instead of waiting.

Sounds reasonable. Each with a personality possibly determined by how/what they were fed while on the wheel. Perhaps some are faking it hoping to escape. Tier 4 broken by Tier 1 taskmaster; don’t count on it.

I found them in a wasteland, driven mad by despair. They attacked me, tried to take my life and my belongings. In return, I gave them mercy, another chance at life. I fed them, clothed them, gave them a purpose, and this is how they repay me


Ungrateful curs, they are. Strike them down where they stand. If they’ll not lift a weapon. You’ll lift yours.

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