Please, Please, Please Fix Thrall's!

Why can’t I set my thralls to go mine lumber and stone?

Im currently arguing reasons why bark should be brought back as a byproduct of shaped wood, and you wouldnt believe how many people are arguing against it because “it makes the game too easy”. At least with what im asking I still have to gather the wood myself and they still get their panties in a bunch, so I doubt they would be ok with thralls gathering the resources for you.

It is counterintuitive that shaping wood leaves no biproduct.

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Put yourself in their shoes…how would you repay someone in that situation?? Would you have stockholm syndrome and be loyal to them for having given you that mercy?? Or would you take the chance to escape the moment it shows itself??

Everyone would be different just like how some thralls work right and some don’t. It may be more in regards to faulty programming, but at least it’s a good explanation regarding why some help and why some don’t. :slight_smile:

My last thrall not only helped out a lot, but she had a bloodlust. I tried using her in Sepermeru to help me capture some thralls and she just ran into town just like this:

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The only thing I’ve found is to keep a helmet and sandstorm mask in its inventory and swap them when the thrall isn’t attacking it normally works for me

Thats a problem FC really needs to work on. Follower AI operates on two extremes:
-give zero f**ks
The former is a problem when youre a solo player and need your follower to watch your back. The latter is a problem when you get into a fight surrounded by un-aggro’d neutral mobs (like in Sepermeru). These have been a problem since I started playing, but after the addition of hostile NPCs to Sepermeru, their random targeting has become more frustrating than ever. I can no longer bring followers into the city to avoid a massacre. Funcom needs to either figure out how to make your followers focus on actual threats or get rid of those damn bandits (since they cant be enthralled any more)

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