Thralls AI/Aggro Broken After latest big update

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: | Bug |
Region: [EU] Official server #1125 PvP

Fix Thralls plz you broken them with latest big update.

At this moment enemy breaks the door, passes in front of 30 guards, empty the chests, take all slaves and materials and share quietly and the guards remain afk

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

1.Connect to 1 account (player1) and go to base

2.Place thralls defence

3.Connect with 2 account (player2) and go to player1 base

4.Now you can destroy doors,chest steals all resources no one attacks you thralls just stay afk

it worked fine during the beta with aggressive guards and right now completely broken guards that are useless.


Make them (Thralls) aggressive again p:

This will be more useful if they will be active all the time to protect the base and not just hang around 17h-23h

This will correct the problem and protect the assets of the players

At this moment no one prevents enemy at any moment from emptying your furnaices and other manufacturing craftmen and taking away the slaves and resources.

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