High Priority Fixes Build 104551/18892 [13.08.2018]

Hello Exiles,
We’ll be patching Live now to address some high priority bugs and issues that were deployed to TestLive last week.

Again, a special shoutout to those in the community who helped us hunt down some of the tougher bugs and thanks to everyone else for the continued reports, feedback and for being part of our Exiles community! :slight_smile:

As we mentioned in the Hotfix thread on the 7th of July, the decay timers are being decreased back to their original value again today on all platforms.

Here we go:


  • Fixed some issues where Thralls health would reset after restarting the game
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs wouldn’t properly aggro the player
  • Fixed an issue with Rotbranch’s attacks not dealing any damage
  • Fixed an issue where under certain circumstances it wasn’t possible to equip a weapon on a Thrall
  • Fixed some issues where Thralls would stay in the air when the building they were standing on was removed


  • Fixed an issue where older Fish Traps, Shellfish Traps, Wells and Beehives to properly fill up again
  • Fixed thermal protection and stats on Aquilonian DLC Armor
  • Fixed some server crashes


  • Fixed an exploit that in some cases could let you climb up building pieces that shouldn’t be climbable


  • Nudity Options during Character Creation are now also accessible when using a controller

Wow! That one went fast. (From Testlive to live.)

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Nitrado Server
Region: EU central

  • Thralls still not at full hp after server restart. (I will check it again after manual restart.)
  • Aquilonian sturctures are for cold areas, which is wrong, it should be for heat areas.

DLC armors now have stats and heat protection. Thank you. :slight_smile:


I would like to see a fix on these things:
Fence Foundations can not be placed against normal foundations at the moment.
Potent compost is not working in with the plant seeds (normal compost does work!)



I’m trying to enter the game and no official server appears

Those servers need some time to perform a reboot because the database file is very large. Give them some time, they shoud appear soon :slight_smile:


Not fixed All Thralls start with 100 hp after player connect to the server** 1125 pvp srv !

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on official 1504, i noticed all my thrall were back to 100 health after the update. Hopefully that was just because the bug was still there when servers went down and have to heal up one last time. Will find out for sure after tomorrow mornings daily server restart. Hopefully just a one off thing.

Thralls still won’t attack hostile elements approaching them on PvE. They also don’t attack back until after being hit several times.

When will abandoned thralls decay? There’s hundreds of them cluttering large parts of the world. You can’t kill them, you can’t recapture them. They don’t interact with the world. Please do something about them.

Will be checked and fixed!


Thank you!

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hello, my favorite servers do not appear, are they bugs?

Im playing #1995 and #1997

It is normal that a server may take some time to be visible after a patch and reboot, be more patient please.

My current server doesent show yet either, just relax, it will be up soon:)


Tascha did not mention the player owned thralls not agroing bug, so I assume it is still being worked on. Too bad, that’s the one that can really hurt. I’m hoping they will follow up soon with that one.

The only way player owned thralls will agro is if the player takes damage and the thrall is nearby.

Private server here.

Issue doesn’t solved. Thralls still starting game with only 100 hp.

Also, all our nude thralls still appearing with ghost clothes. It has been happening since you implemented clothing and equiping thrall system during EA. Are you gonna fix it some day?

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This is the first time I hear about this, what do you mean by “ghost clothes?”

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I have seen this issue sometimes as well. Especially with the new DLC armor.


  1. Equip Thrall with armor
  2. Remove armor
  3. Notice thrall is pictured it’s wearing the armor still.

It’s does not seem to effect every thrall every time so it make take time to reproduce.


My thralls would attack a crocodile if i lured it over right next to them, before it hit me, but we didn’t have enough players on at a time in Testlive to load test and see how it would be at 15+ players.


Thralls appears with basic fiber clothes but cloth piece are not in their inventory.

As I said, it’s an old issue not fixed. I remember this problem more or less since november 2017. More discussion here:

As Feope says, You can fix it clothing and unclothing thrall again, but the problem returns with server restart. If you have a large amount of thralls that can be very annoying.

Thank you very much for your quick answer, Tascha.