PC Hotfix (13.05.2020) - Server stability fixes, follower fixes and more

Greetings, Exiles!

We’re releasing a new hotfix addressing some of the most reported issues after our latest update. In particular, we’re focusing our attention on some server crashing issues that have been reported over the weekend, as well as a few problems with followers where they would die out of falling damage, or follow too close. We’ve also sneaked in an exploit fix and a visual fix to an issue that would cause nearby entities to move as if they were stuttering.

Thanks for your continued feedback, and stay safe!

Please remember that updates can mess with your installed mods. We suggest taking a backup of your current database before updating to any new patch if you have mods installed.


  • Addressed a number of server crashes.


  • Fixed an exploit that would cause a server to crash under specific circumstances.


  • Fixed an issue where followers would die of falling damage
  • Adjusted collision on horses and rhinos to avoid them bumping the player when on follow. We’re working on a better solution for these and other pets.


  • Fixed a LOD issue that would cause NPCs and wildlife to move “choppy” at lower distances than intended.


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Awesome. Thanks for the update.

Fantastic work. Loving the updates so far!

I really appreciate this hot-fix. Last night I was running around the northern star-metal area on my server when my follower glitched through the ground. Thankfully, he teleported back but I had heard from others on the server that thralls dying of fall damage from elevators or glitching through the map was a common thing. I didn’t check his health (I haven’t gotten used to the new update of not allowing players to see their thrall’s health bars) and about 10 minutes later I had him fighting a sabretooth when I finally saw his health. My purge fighter with almost 17k HP was at about 1/3 health. I knew it was because he had fallen through the map because he had a full stack of gruel on him. If he hadn’t had so much HP, he definitely would have died to the bug. Thank you all for patching this. I hope to see one for thrall health bars soon as well!

Big shoutout to Mad Marius for getting fellow server owners together to provide information and push this issue into the light!

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Thank you for the hotfix!


nice nice nice \o/
at least we can go and harvest with our camels and elephants again … yeah.

Can´t wait to get the health bar fixed, so I can take my followers to dungeons again :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the quick turn-around on these problems, and godspeed on the remaining issues! :slight_smile:


was waiting for this… many thanks for the fixes :heart: :heart:

Tks man. hope that makes our servers stable again :smiley:

I do not know why but I wasn’t able to see my inventory character, however that fixed my game’s optimization(sudden fps drops). And guess what, I’m now able to see it but optimization is broken. Is there any way to downgrade it? Or, I dunno replace files with the older ones maybe?

Thanks a lot for your work!

…but healtbars on thralls (following or guarding) still missing :frowning:
hope in next hotfix :slight_smile:


Really appreciate the hotfix guys, thank you so much! With respect though, would’ve super appreciated a heads up that this was coming to cure the frustration that’s been felt across the game, forums, and reddit. Again though, thank you so much!

Thanks for the patch! Really enjoying the game this go around.

Any confirmation if horses not fighting is intentional or a bug? Worth it for the thrall dragging, but still curious.

Thanks again!

Pretty sure this is intentional since, “You can now have an active companion as well as your trusty steed, as horses don’t take the active follower slot anymore!” was specified in the Update 40 release notes. Many of us (myself included) expressed a desire for horse to not engage in combat, but to instead have a follower who could do so, and it seems that they listened.


nice fixes, but is there anything to be done with half fall dmg perk not working too, that was a close second to the horse follow part of most annoying things hehe

This is taken one minute ago, this from the paid DLC is still not fixed.

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that an easy fix would take me like not even 10 minute to fix … just take collision box shrink it down to better or just get rid of it and use the engine own simple polygon to collision setting … laugh…

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