Decay Timer Vacation adjustments [IMPORTANT INFO AND POLL]


This concerns and will be adjusted on all platforms, not only PC:

We have received feedback from EU and US players that it will be tricky to maintain your bases on official servers during the common vacation period in July and early August due to the decay time being 6 days. We are therefore temporarily increasing this to 18 days for EU and US Officials starting this coming week. So assuming your building is large enough it will take up to 18 days to decay [the repair hammer is your best friend and allows you to check this easily!]. We will keep an eye on things and record any significant impact on server performance. Depending on this, we may have to reduce the limit again but we will in that case make sure to announce it first. Otherwise this change will stay in effect until Monday 13th August.

Private server admins who run with the decay system activate can also easily do this by changing the following value in serversettings.ini:

from MaxDecayTimeToAutoDemolish=604800.000000 (this is 6 days counted in seconds)
to MaxDecayTimeToAutoDemolish=1814400.000000 (this is 18 days counted in seconds)

Additionally, we would like to offer other server areas the option as well. Please help us get a feel for demand for this by answering the poll below:

South American Servers voter count

  • Longer Decay Time for South American Servers
  • Not needed

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Asian Servers voter count

  • Longer Decay Time for Asian Servers
  • Not needed

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Oceania Servers voter count

  • Longer Decay Time for Oceania Servers
  • Not needed

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I'm done with this game
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That’s great. Unfortunately my vacation begins in August.


I can see people taking advantage of an 18 day decay for greifing other players so no I cannot except this


If you are entertaining additional feedback here, I personally think that 6 days is a touch too short, and 18 days is a touch to long.

At 6 days, I worry about my remote location structures on the official server that I play on remaining off of decay even during active play. I would be more at ease if the timer was set to 12 days. 18 does seem to be too long for this. Though I realize that whatever Funcom selects, you will be heartily skewered and crucified for it. :stuck_out_tongue:


14 days would be a happy medium though I think that building size should be your guide. If you want to add more to this simply require maintenance on large buildings or buildings period systematically removing HP from the parts of the building over time thus making it easier to destroy them.


I do feel the decay needs to take longer as not all of us who play on official servers for the full experience are able to log in as often as we would like.
And I have noticed I have had structures start to decay after 1 hour of leaving my building to explore.

I agree with others that 12 or 14 days might be a good idea instead of 18. Especially if it causes server issues at 18 days.


I think it is a great step towards happy players.
But on the other hand the vacations in middle europe starts in late july and goes on to the begin on september. So this is the time where the decay turns back to “normal” mode.

If funcom make the step towards the players… maybe it would be good to make it towards all players…


Yes I agree. I am in Australia but have a holiday in November and really don’t want to loose my whole base because of real life. Kind of a game breaker really.

I do feel it need to really be 10 or 12 days standard all year round maybe?. Not all players can logon each week. I travel a lot due to having a Girlfriend overseas and would hate to continuously loose my structures after less then a week being away.


I think too fit all playersjthere need to be something like an vacation mode to also prevent losing players. There are much possibilities but the time for programming these was not give yet.
Anyway, I bet that funcom has Already planed something in this direction for maybe autumn.


I think the max should be 14 days year round just set standards so we all know. Like 50-99 building pieces would be 7 days 100+ is 14 days.


Mine too, August 14 - 22 and in December for Christmas Holiday we have a week off.


My vacation runs late Aug to early Sept in the US. Please consider keeping this until at least Labor Day in the US which typically signifies people are back to work and done with vacation.


This is so stupid, so you basecally saying this game is played only by highscholl kids, im in brazil im 40 i dont take vacation on july but ill travel this year at the Beginning of september Like many players that also travel
in diferent times of the year so what about us? Is this game just for us highschool kids. Fix this thing for good ajust for 12 or 14 days to start the decaying and solve the problem for every one around the world, from australia to south america, not just a few us.


How fricking hard is it to log in for 5 minutes and tag your base to avoid decay? Or make friends and have them log in? If someone has bases all over the map, I feel zero sympathy. You can’t support your own grandiose plans and over extended your reach.

Decay is there for people who are active being blocked by inactive players squatting; being inactive for more than half the month doesn’t qualify as active, not by a long shot. If you go on vacation for that long, upgrade your base first. Top tiers have longer decay times. If your tier one base goes poof, you won’t have to do much to remake it.

And with purges, you could come back from the vacation and your stuff is still gone. Then what?

I think players need to mature enough to play this mature game, and Funcom should stop catering to obviously underage players.


I think that there should be a extended decay time all the time, maybe not 18 days but people go on vacation year round and 6 days really cuts it close for most people I would assume. I think 10 days would be a good amount of time. I know I’ve put a lot of hours in since the official release and would hate to lose everything when I go on my own vacation in September.

Anyways hopefully it gets extended year round other than that keep up the good work, great game just a few bugs remaining!


Just chiming in that I would love a 10-14 day decay timer just for peace of mind if something comes up irl. Hopefully something like that is doable without causing too much strain on the servers.


At least 10 days is a must…


I do not think your decay timer is working, I played Saturday, did not play Sunday or Monday due to other life stuff and come back today to all my furnaces gone and almost all my walls. Honestly? What is the point of playing on official servers if I have to be here 24/7? I should not have to start all over twice a week just to play the game, that is not fun and definitely makes me rethink paying for any of your other games and will not pay to get extra content.


I use 15 days on our Private server, this is good for those who go on 2 week holidays.


Why 6 or 18 days???

Answer this… how many people do you know that go on holiday for LESS than 6 days? Me, I don’t know anybody who has ever been away for less than a week!

Another question… how many people go on holiday for 18 days? Not many that’s for sure!

My holidays are usually 1 week, sometimes 10 days and probably once a year 14 days. And that’s normal. That’s how long people go away for.

I have a base that I love, in my favourite spot in the game (on top of the huge tower near the boss spider) I also have a holiday coming up soon that means I can not log in for 8 days straight. So, when I come back my base will be gone… and somebody will probably have stolen my spot. I have put hours… well, days… into building my base and if I come back and it’s gone then I’m done with this game.

For me this makes playing the game utterly pointless. I only want to play on official servers but the amount of time that goes into creating a base only to have it vanish when you go on holiday is not acceptable. It makes it much much worse when you come back and somebody else has built in your spot!!!

This NEEDS sorting out. It’s totally ruining the game. I go away more than most people, I usually have 5 or 6 one week vacations a year plus a 10 day or 2 week trip at least once per year, and not in the ‘UK holiday season’ I travel all throughout the year. Maybe have the time on 10 days, and allow people to request one 15 day period per year? (Just to cover a 14 day holiday and give enough time to rush back and log in)

Everybody, regardless of where their servers is located, NEEDS a minimum of 7 days. That’s a normal holiday. And unless you expect us to log in to refresh the timer just before we board the plane and then again the moment it lands when we return home then we really need a minimum of 8 days.

8 days will cover most situations. Obviously not all, certainly not a 10 or 14 day holiday, but it will keep most people happy.