Decay Timer Vacation adjustments [IMPORTANT INFO AND POLL]


On xbox (I’m not sure about other platforms) when choosing a server to join you can only see very limited server settings. If you want to join a server that has extended decay times or the decay switched off there’s no way to know until you make a character and start playing on the server. I’m looking for a server with decay timers set to double the standard. I’ve been in and out of dozens of servers and not found one yet. Please make this a setting that is displayed when you are reviewing the server list.


Has this already been done? I’ve had two bases disappear since this post and I don’t understand how or why it could have occurred. Either there is a bug or I do not understand the system. I had one base disappear while another base nearby remained. I had half of another base disappear, presumably because it was considered a separate structure due to certain foundation pieces.

Is there a bug, or is there a definitive explanation somewhere on how decay works?


I have a similar situation. I had some bases inexplicably disappear, the event log shows one foundation destroyed by decay, but all my crap is gone. Hours of playing lost and I almost just don’t care to rebuild because I don’t know if it will do the same thing.


I have also lost bases without any log. There was just nothing left.


Best idea would be to implement a vacation mode which is like 2-3 weeks a year and completely disables decay for a Clan until one of their members logs into the server


Something is bugged with the decay system, because my trebutchet decayed in under 24 hours. Or if it’s meant to be like this it really shouldn’t.


It’s not hard to log in for 5 mins (Which I have done heaps) but its hard to bring yourself to come back to a game after 1 week away from your PS4 (PC, Xbox) knowing all your 200+ hours of farming and building will be gone due to your base falling down and decaying.

I am a lone player with no family members or friends that are able to login while i’m away. And even though this has become one of my favourite games, I just don’t feel I would keep playing after loosing everything again. Been raided and lost entire bases heaps already (Watched it fall and well at least it was an epic raid ha).

I want to keep playing and buying cool dlc to support the developers for as long as possible, but I also don’t want to loose my hard work. In other games even online ones you get to keep all your progress and weapons etc.
In this game I could loose it all to just not being home for a few days and some random player walking into the ruins to loot and teabag my unconscious body.

That’s not fun at all and few players want to return to that. I understand about inactive players clotting up the map but 14 days before they start to decay leaving maybe 2 weeks until they are gone isn’t that long for active long term players to wait.
I waited ages to be able to build where I am on the map now and it was worth it as I got to test out different areas while I waited for an offline players house to decay.


This also happened for me. Only the trebutchet and a few wooden foundations. I was logged on and in another part of the map adventuring when it happened.


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