Decay rates be en reset again?-back to original

Looks like the decay rates have been reset again back to the original. When did this happen?

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With the patch to live [104551/18892] … On 13 August 2018 … as per Funcoms original announcement of extended decay time.
It is mentioned in the patch notes for PC that decay timers are being decreased back across all platforms.

For my playstyle the 144 hours decay is too short.

They may loose me if not slightly longer decay. Not asking for crazy more. As i understand the need for a decay.
But some movement.

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yeah but for me it is just right. They may lose me if they keep it extended.

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To be honest 144 hours (6 days) is ridiculously short and I don’t see any reason why anyone would want to keep it that way.

I’m pretty sure the bulk of the playerbase are people with jobs and responsabilitites who cannot commit time to the game on a daily basis. No need to explain that many of us - because of work, training, vacation, etc - will not be able to play for more than 6 days in some particular periods of the year.

Now that the game has passed its honey moon phase, I would propose to set decay at 2 weeks.

I’m not asking to casualize the game, just be reasonable and know who the majority of your public is.


I am sure that between your playstyle and mine there should be a middle ground.

Currently they have max 6 days - 144 Hours decay. Far to short for me.
If 2 weeks is regarded to much - 336 Hours. Far to much for you

How about just a little above 1 week . - 8 days!

That would be a max decay of 192 Hours. :confused:

I would be fine with that. How about you?

Kind regards

If there’s no way to implement the option to temporarily extend your decay timer (with limits), which would be my preferred solution, then I’d say around 10 days. That way you can go for an extended week (9 days’) vacation, and still just about make it back without losing everything.

I get that the decay mechanic has to exist, of course it does, but right now it’s unnecessarily harsh IMO.


Decay is too short, after playing more than 300h on same official server, I am about to give up. Too long in maintenance mode (because after so many hours im tired of bugs and wait for content plus fixes etc) and 6 days is too short, feeling more enslaved than my thralls.

In other survivals, the end game - high tier materials / constructions have longer decay time than t1 materials, and it works fine.

I am nÂş1 person concerned about griefing, and I know this decay timers are aimed to prevent griefing and also lower the server load of abandoned bases.

But If I have huge, end game bases, they should last longer than t1 huts. This is how it worked in every other survival before this, and what I expected.

Of course, once I lose due to decay my 3-4 endgame bases (not too huge, I am respectful in that regards, oppositely than many other players) how they want me to come back? A single content patch wont be enough, and bugs, well, many bugs will get fixed, as funcom fixes loads and loads of bugs, but more will be introduced with new content, so it will be the same.

My official server is kinda empty, and it was much more lively when veteran players like me (those who put more than 100h in a same server) still played. Most left, some due to bugs, other games, whatever. Since their bases and progression has been wiped by decay timers, they aint coming back.

Game wont survive or even grow with people who play 50h and leave. Longer decay times for end game bases would have allowed many of those players to go into maintenance mode, and come back alive with pets patch or whatever. Wont happen now since all their bases are wiped.

When you no life (not working, studying etc) 6 days is an amazingly long time. But in normal circumstances, 6 days, with a job / kids / dog, and not to say, play some OTHER game!, its way too short


Does one reset the decay timer just by logging onto the server? Or does it require interaction with the base, like in Miscreated for example? I mean if logging in once per 6 days is all there is to it, it can be done while brushing your teeth. And obviously the more members in the clan, the less of an issue this becomes.

It requires being online and in the vicinity of the base in question (so if you have separate bases you need to go visit each one). Each minute* extends the decay timer for that structure/base by X minutes*. Not sure what the ratio is (I asked this question in one of the other threads about decay, too). Apparently it requires roughly 30 minutes to reset the timer entirely (not my information, so don’t take my word for it). That’s per base, so if you have three bases, it takes 90 minutes + travel time to fully reset your decay timer. Doable when you’re home, sure, but if you go away on vacation or a business trip (ie, you’re an adult with a job) then that might be rather inconvenient indeed. Hasn’t come up for me yet, but it will in the future - I hope by then some system is in place allowing me to keep my stuff.

*or whatever time-unit it actually works on

By adding 2 weeks you allow players who like blocking and wrecking resources. While I understand real life is important as well this also gives the ones who enjoy wrecking the game free reign.

Ok. 8 days then.

192 Hours (8 days) does sound like a good compromise.

I personally don’t mind. But considering most major RL deployment schedules are week-based, 8 days is very compatible with that.

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Remember, this only applies to official servers. In single player and private servers, decay time can be adjusted.

8 days, then poof on ninth when rendered sounds pretty fair as a compromise.

Not really. At least not more than with 6 day decay.
And two more days wont add “a lot” to that.

I agree on three weeks being too long. But 6 days? Way too short.
The only middle there is to it would be 10 to 14 days.
We still wont get to the same point like in EA, when structures would be left for literally months.

Maybe some people forget about what kind of circumstances might lead others to have to stay offline.
There are more reasons than just a somewhat busy week.

I think the sole people gaining something off a short decay are people who like to demolish abandoned buildings. Dont get me wrong. I plunder these just as well.

I think 170ish hours would be great.

it gives people a week to simply log in. If you’ve gone over a week, then in my estimation, you’ve basically quit the game.

I give a couple hours leeway from the 168 hours a full week is because people do go on week long vacations.

Yes but people are using exploit now where they never have to come on, how are we expected to wait for decays on resources, places important for special thralls and oblesks. Why do i have to run around all over the map when they can easily make the areas no build. I shouldn’t have to waste my time checking out servers everyday, this is official . They should just go to pvp and why rent a server and play alone? Temple of frost is no building and 2 other caves are no building so don’t tell me that these areas cannot be stopped. Sat and watched 2 tribes come and lay down foundations right on top where thralls spawned and i have waited 13 hours for one to spawn? excuse the language but this is serious bs.

If that’s true, then that is your problem, not six or nine or fourteen days timer…

And if people are despawning thralls due to no-build zones not being where they should be, then that’s another problem that also has nothing to do with the length of the decay timer.

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yes it is, allowing people to cheat using decay cheat is everyone’s problem. The places they say are no-build is wrong cause alot of these places are in you’re journey quest as well needed for gathering matts etc . Changing the decay timer longer just allows them alot longer to do this and a smaller chance for us to remove the structures blocking. Doesn’t matter what they do for decay people will always complain. You probably play pvp or single player.