Max Decay Timers Changed to 18 Days. Then Why Does it Still Show 6 Days?

Patch yesterday says max decay timer increased from 6 days to 18 days. However, every single one of our VERY large bases still shows a max decay timer of 6 days.

You know I really like this game but at some point you really have to wonder WTF is going on at Funcom when something as simple as this even gets screwed up…

I spoke to a dev about it after seeing multiple reports saying the same. This will be updated in the next restart. Let me know if it still hasn’t for you afterwards! I do apologize for the trouble.

official 1506 has the same issue 143 hours not 18 days.- guess there is a bug in implementing this too.

I can confirm new timer seems to be working. Just logged in and decay is already 213 hours and increasing.

I believe the timer is working. I found many buildings with the timer still set for the 6 days. But it seems any new structures since the patch fall under the 18 day timer.

yep , can confirm here on official server.

it now displays something above 400hrs

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