Extended decay timer announcement

Hi @Community,
Logging in yesterday to the official oceanic PC PvE server I play on, I noticed that the maximum decay time is now 336 hours.

I checked the forums for announcement by Funcom about it and could not see one.

I suggest that a clear announcement about the default maximum decay being increased be made:
A) stating the start and end date of the extension - so people know when it will stop and can plan accordingly
b)!make it very clear that PLAYERS MUST renew the current decay timer BEFORE the game applies the new increased maximum … so people know to log in once more within their shorter time to refresh the decay time. It needs to be clear that 168 hours is NOT added to the current running timer …

Just to be clear what I mean:
Prior to yesterday’s session I had last visited a base at the Mounds of the dead about 4 days ago. When I approached it yesterday the decay time was 60 hours … which is reflective of me having not visited for over four days. When the game refreshed the decay timer it went to 336 hours. BUT if I had assumed from seeing the higher timer on my other bases that the one at the Mounds already had the additional 168 hours put on top of its time and not visited then it would have disappeared in 60 hours.

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Hey @Kwalya

You beat us to it. The change went out along with the avatar summoning re-enablement and its announcement was due today (in fact, it’s out now too).

Happy vacations.

Should increase the god bubble as well

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