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"> ## Decay Timer Changes

Over the holiday break we increased the decay timer on buildings to 14-16 days on our official servers. Now we’re turning it back to 7-8 days, which is what it used to be before the holiday break."

Funcom, any chance to leave the decay timer from holidays to normal ? Yes, Im asking the decay time to continue 16 days on official servers since that is more convenient for us, so we don’t get frustrated to lose what we build/do in the case of life wouldn’t let you log on a particular week. I believe most of the community prefers the 16 days decay timer over the 8 days, those who don’t please manifest.


A in-game rule that has to be changed multiple times a year, (or else it will screw the community) then rolled back to normal its a broken rule.

There has been countless polls about decay, and people showed they dont approve the current low timer. A short decay only affects active players that are unable to refresh their bases for some reason. (Family vacation, disease, hardware problem, temporary job trips, etc…). The servers are NOT that much populated to justify a 7 days decay, its illogical!

When a player decides to quit their structures will decay, nobody is concerned how long it will take, that player wont return and the structure will eventually go away, what is the difference if it takes a week longer? But this same week makes ALL difference if somebodies console break and its sent over to the maintenance, or if someone suffers a sudden illness and needs some days off to recover.

Several active players (including myself) lost their bases by accident or simply because they were unable to be online for a few days.


Just a silly question, I have 5 bases, one main and the rest just for grinding, if I log on daily, but don’t visit my grind bases for a few days do they decay?

Yes the bases you do not get close to will continue to have the decay timer count down.

Your characters presence near/on an item/base is what prompts the game to refresh the timer to maximum possible for that item/structure.

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Thanks for that info…

Oh I forgot to add what I usually advise:
Check the decay timers with a repair hammer on every base and when you visit a base to refresh the timer. Simply equip the repair hammer and have out as if you will use it … then hover your pointer over the base/object you want to check.

On most of my bases the decay timer will be reset to maximum possible by the time I run up to them. But one of my smaller bases has a maximum decay time of 129 hours (not the full 168) and I find that I have to be close to it for a couple of minutes before the game updates the decay timer. If I just ran past it quickly and didn’t check with a repair hammer then it’s likely to not register my toons presence and continue to count down.


I don’t think having the repair hammer out or not directly impacts the decay timer. At most, it might impact how it’s shown to you on the client. I haven’t used the hammer in months, and my base is just fine.

Of course it’s possible that without the hammer you won’t spent the necessary time for the decay refresh to happen, but it only serves as a reminder to yourself to get close and stay for a bit, rather than the hammer doing anything on its own. IE spending a few minutes in the vicinity is what matters, whether you’re using the hammer or not.

That said, I do agree that using the hammer judiciously is a good idea to understand how the system works, and to get an eye for what kind of distance between structures lets them “share a timer” as it were.


Correct Mikey, the repair hammer does nothing to help refresh the decay timer … I advise pulling it out to check on the decay when visiting bases to renew timers as a precaution so you don’t leave the vicinity before the game has recognised you are there and changed the timer. If one was short on time to play and was running quickly from one base to another just to refresh the timers it’d be pretty annoying to go back later to a despawned base just because you didn’t check with a repair hammer before you left it …

I have one base that takes over a minute to update its timer when I’m standing on it … so I pull the hammer out to sure it’s changed to the maximum before running onto the next…whereas all my other bases are at max timer by the time I reach them after they have rendered.

I also advise people to check the decay on newly created structures so you can see how long it will take to decay and to check if a “stand alone” item such as fishtraps have been recognised as part of the nearby larger structure or if they have their own very short decay timer.

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@Kwalya Yeah I realize that you weren’t actually saying the repair hammer did anything directly, just figured it could be read that way, and since there’s already so much misunderstanding about this reviled mechanic (when people realize it exists at all), I figured I’d be specific, just in case.

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