Building decay timer during holidays

Hi there fellow Exiles
I have a few questions that I was unable to get answered even though I googled a fair bit. During this summer I’m going off 10 days for vacation, yet I stumbled upon a problem. The Decay timer on buildings, as far as I could tell the decay timer on Official servers have a maxmimum of 168 hours. Which is only 7 days. This would mean that my base would be gone by the time I would be home from vacation. After a bit of research I saw a blue post, which said that FunCom usually increases these timers during holidays.
My question is, during the summer, which weeks will have the decay timers increased? Is there anywhere I’d be able to find some sort of schedule? As it is right now, I kind of feel like I’m wasting my time playing, since I’ll be going on vacation during the summertime. I don’t want all of my hours to be wasted, even though it’s just a game.

Holiday Decay time increase That’s the last time they did it. I don’t think they will over the summer.

I play on an official PvE server and my repair hammer indicates that decay is set for 336 hours (two weeks) for all of my buildings.

Hmm interesting, I’m on a PVE-C server and I checked all my buildings. Is your building tier 2 or 3? Thanks for the quick answer.
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It’s a tier 3 base.

Norway goes into shutdown in July. Decay would be increased then. After July there is a 2 week grace period for the decay to revert to default.

PS4 platforms had their maximum decay timer increased from 168 hours to 336 hours when it Conan Exiles was in its free download month for the PSN subscribers.
I expect when the numbers decrease after that stops being a free download then Funcom will decrease it back to the 7days like it is for Xbox and PC…don’t get complacent about it … it’s likely to be dropped on PS4 in a patch/hotfix randomly without much fanfare… atleast that’s what has happened when they have removed the holiday extended time … the first time it had a set end date disclosed at the start. But as far as I remember the end date for the Christmas holiday timer was not announced when it implemented and so ending it was randomly announced in a patch note.

Good to know. Thank you.

You go on vacation more than 7 days , you loose everything.

You get to move for your job more than 7 days, you loose everything.

In many countries, moving home can get you offline more than 7 days and loose everything.

Basically, the game punishes you for being a normal, fonctionning person. How messed up is that …


Yeah… I actually bought a gamer laptop exclusively for ARK and Conan Exiles.

I also have a second account with an alt inside the tribe, to give access to friends to help refresh timers in the time of need.

The worst is when people get used to a long timer, and they then reset it back to normal out of the blue. That’s when the most bases are lost.

There’s no easy solution to decay, because it follows the second law of thermodynamics:

Without energy (in our case effort), everything falls apart.


Same. Gaming Laptop to refresh things. But no that I think about this thats rather ridiculous. I must really love this game to drop the money I have dropped.

Luckily I have amazing clan mates. If in am gone or if they are gone we refresh each others bases.

Its a good thing.

the 167hours decay is too short, 2 week decay time is a good one matching reality of life and pacing of the game.

and should be 3 weeks for summer hollidays.

i mean to build a real base in conan able to sustain a raid it’s 2-3 weeks at least, so not normal to have it decay in a so short time.

Thw main issue with this…and we encountered this a lot during winter break is peoplw build. On PVE and PVE-C servers there is not way to remove buildings.

Ofteb times new and even some old players will build massive empty structures. These dont decay for 3 weeks and they clog up the server and resources.

Further. Because of the nature of PVE and PVE-c servers not being able to destroy structures griefers just need to log in once every three weeks to keep their grief gaping.

Usually they get bored and leave, but this extended period can cause issues.

PVP you can retaliate. You can blow things up.

Imagine resources all being blocked by an loser. Then that person logs in indefinitely. Once per 3 weeks.

Its a nightmare

so may be they shoudl do different timer for pvp server, i’m a player of pvp server and 167 hours is too short in this kind of server. anyways a base not enough strong or with error of building will not survive 167 hours on a pvp server, so …

That can be mitigated by using Buildings tiers.

8 days (instead of 7) should the max for full T1 building.

But a full T2 building should have a higher max decay timer. T3 even higher.

And for mixed buildings, just use the %tage of each tiers to weight on the max decay timer.
Something like : 10% T3 + 20% T2 + 80% T1 = 10%(T3 max timer - T2 max timer) + 20%(T2 max timer - T1 max timer) + T1 max timer.

I have to agree with people saying its not enough and to increase it. While I “get” the clogged server and have seen it happen, Its mostly T1 structures. Increasing the decay on a T3 building would make perfect, normal sense.

Thank you all for sharing your opinions and information. It has been a great help. Since Halcyon mentioned that Norway will shutdown during July, I’m hoping that the decay timer is going to be increased during my holiday as I’ll be leaving in July.

I think the default should now be 2 weeks on officials. I understand during the first year, shorter weeks would help to encourage server play rates. But now, the game is pretty much where it will be player base wise. there may be spikes and drops, but most people who are playing are here to stay. So 2 weeks is not going to effect most, and hlep those that need the break for RL stuff.

Well, you could have someone else log in for you… or possibly setup a way for it to be automated, but that could possibly get you banned I think. If you have clan members that log in regularly that would reset the timer too.

I like the tier concept. It’s an elegant solution.

I kind of look back to games like Starwars Galaxies and think of their tax or payment system as a solid concept.

There are thralls in each biome. These take coins.

You as a player need to play the game. But you grind coins to pay thralls the upkeep time your base.

In this option each has a limit. You get the standard week free when you login.

If you want to extend by 2 weeks you need to pay a set amount of coins. 3 weeks you need to pay another set amount. Its an idea.

But could be implimented. Maybe the merchant only upkeep your land a specific amount of times per year? 3 maybe. 3 weeks holidays are standard in many places