When will Holiday Hours end on Official servers?

@Ignasi Any idea when Official servers will revert to a 7-day decay time? The two-week decay period on Official PvE servers is maddening when trying to clean-up after trolls and other inconsiderate players.


Hey @Larathiel

We’ll inform about the change at least 7 days in advance so you all can be ready for it.


Tsk, Larathiel, they had totally forgotten and we could finally have some decent decay timers.

This post is proof (as if any was needed) of why you can never make everyone happy :slight_smile:


I second the shhhing.
14 days might be a bit much for people suffering griefers but 7 is useful for no-one with a family.
I’d say 10 or 11 would be good but if I have to choose between 7 or 14 days, it’ll be 14.


Please keep it at 14 or at least up to 10!! 7 is really not that much, when you have a life besides Conan…


Sry to dissapoint you guys, but I agree with @Larathiel… 1 week is a fine period, I could agree about the bigger period if there was a way to kick trolls out of purelly pve servers… so for me 1 week is fine (maybe 10 days) but no way twice a month logging in should sustain a build…


My advice/vote : 14 days is good timing, 10 at shorter as suggested.

command if you want to destroy something, it’s two gods needed (when they will be on again), some of us have to do work travel, take hollidays etc and 7 is really too short. or 14 for pvp and 7 for pve :slight_smile:

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Lol you will never make a hoarder like me to give up my stuff… will give away male thralls thought lol


Maybe the split timmers for pvp/pve would be a nice solution, but my advice and concerns r for pve mostly (as I do not consider myself a pvper experienced enough to have opinion for pvp)

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Thread was tagged PvE, even if gods were enabled, they wouldn’t do anything. :frowning:

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The only struggle here is that when a base takes enough damage for building pieces to break, the remaining pieces reset to the base’s maximum decay time. If that mechanic was dismissed, then I’d be all for letting purges do the work. As is though, it would just make them stick around that much longer…

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My last 3 purges happened, when I was offline… I lost 2-3 walls and a staircase. I am at a T2 purge region, but my base is protected by only named fighters/archers (90% from Volcano/Set-City).

Also thralls/pets refresh differently then buildings. They have a longer decay and as soon as you login, all your thralls & pets (on the WHOLE MAP!!) will get a new decay timer. So you dont need to be near them, compared to buildings. Thats the reason, why thralls/pets are way longer at abondend bases…

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DUDE! I’ve got 7 chest of cochineals and if you touch a single one of them I will wipe you.


yep but actually the timer is the same for pve and pvp, so what do we do ?

we open pvp slot on pve to teach you good manner :slight_smile: joking

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