Base gone after 13 days?!?! (PVE Official)

Online official (#1506)
Missing base/decay issue?
Player: Janzig

I was away for about 13 days over the holidays. Last log in was December 18 and returned last night December 30 to find my base gone. All my fighter thralls are still there (some even floating) but the entire base, including all chests, items, resources, and crafting thralls are missing.

I thought that a.) the default decay timer was 15 days and b.) the decay timers were extended over the holidays?!

WTH happened? Please advise how this can be fixed. Thanks!


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I’m not sure it can be fixed. This has happened to other people on official servers.

Be carreful, decay timers were extended the 21 december but … you have to refresh your base after the 21 december to get the new 14 days decay.

Else you will stay with the old 7 days decay, so your base has dacay and desapear the 18 + 7 = 25 december.

Next time, ask another player from the server to place an explosive jar on your base it will reset the decay timer. Then get the explosive jar back.



Wow. 7 days? So if you can’t log in for one week, you lose all your work? I understand wanting to clean up the server of clutter from inactive players, but this seems a bit extreme. At least for the holidays, they should have FROZEN decay starting on 21 December. That would have been more reasonable. People have lives and this is just a game. Oh well, maybe I need to take a break from this game. Thanks for the replies and feedback.

No it is not extreme. Else servers will be unplayable du to performance issues and no place to build.

Like I say above, another player can refresh your base :slight_smile:

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Playing on official servers requires constant maintenance.

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