Question about decay, if anyone has an answer?

Here’s the situation: I got invited into a clan and accidentally joined, but didn’t want to. So, my base, thralls and all of my stuff now belong to them. However, my base is in a place that they are very unlikely to ever find, so it’s just sitting there and all of my stuff is still intact. I don’t even think they know that they own it now. I’ve been trying to get ahold of them and I haven’t been able to yet.
So, my current plan is to wait and, assuming they never go near it, my base will eventually decay and I’ll be able to get in, get my stuff, demolish and rebuild.
Does anyone know if that will work? Or is there something I’m missing? This is on an official pve-c server.

It will eventually decay, in 400 some hours.

You can demolish it once the timer is gone and get whatever stuff you had stored inside, of course you’ll have to rebuild the whole thing.

And you have to hope they don’t find it in the 16 days they’ll own it.


So it’s rather 2 weeks from now on. But I dont know yet wether this stuff will instantly disappear on serverrestart or the timer might go back to those 144ish hours again…

So better prepare.
Also: If they do happen to find your base, or randomly walk by… So I really hope for you - newtype - to be lucky with them never walking by your old base.

Thanks for the replies!
Is there a definitive answer on how close you have to get to a structure to “refresh” it?

No, as I never properly looked at that.
Might be 100 foundations, might be less? Idk.

And why do you think he asks about decay?
All of this already happened, and now he needs to wait until he can destroy that house which formerly was his own.

The thralls are less of a problem I guess. The crafters, the location and all the stored materials are way worse.

Isnt it easier ask a friend to store everything you want, demolish the base, leave the clan, get your stuff back and rebuild in the same place?

Friends…? I don’t have friends. :joy:
But, yeah, I’m not in the clan anymore. Ideally, I’m hoping to find these guys again, explain what happened, ask them to let me back in temporarily, then get my stuff back, demolish and rebuild. But they’re never on when I’m on! So, that’s why I’m looking at alternate methods.

@newtype0079 You can us a repair hammer to check the decay timer. It is in hours and is based on the size of your base. If it is far enough away from the clans other bases, it will have its own timer.

Thanks, yeah, I’ve been doing that. Anxiously waiting… haha

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