Base has completely decayed

I logged onto Official server 3731 yesterday to find out that my base had been decayed…I know there is a decay timer, but I know I logged on before the decay timer expired. The decay timer is one week. I logged on before the timer expired. I now lost everything I had been working on since the beginning of August 2019. Is there any way to get my base and all the things i lost back? My account is Corvette_92_350 and the clan was Madwillowvalley. I don’t know why my base despawned but now i have nothing… All of the loot and thralls.

Sadly no.

The decay timer resets when you or a clanmate is within a specific distance from your construction. Merely logging in is not going to reset your decay time, you must approach each of your constructions to successfully reset the decay times.

If you have a lot of clan constructions across the map, you need to ensure each construction have had a clan member approach them. If you have too many projects, you will notice that it becomes a chore to refresh the times each week.

Official servers are typically set for a week maximum with the final 24 hours usually resulting in a decayed (abandoned) state in which anyone can and will demolish your buildings and pick up any stored loot from dropped loot bags.

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not always… some time the decay timmer gets bugged also and does not renew at all even though u r close to ur builds… ALWAYS make sure ur base timmer is resseted (using tab- especially when u r on decay timer refresh run)…
so could have been that player was there , but the timmer was not renewed… and that sadly is annoying…

I always logged on and ran around my base and on the inside of it

Does not matters… That is what i am saying…i experienced timmer not being renewed in places i am. U always have to check (use tab or repair hammer), or make a small change(eg pick up and place down a deco for example) that will force server to register the change(and ofc renew timmer).

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I’m saying that’s what I do every time I log on. So that’s what is so frustrating

Same thing like that happened to me too players “helped” and detroyed 2 bases just before i logged on. Now i have 3 more bases so those players will have a lot goods and thralls. I heared they talking in the chat so i ask where they were and when i jumped there i saw only thralls (which i reclycled) standing.
So i think your were on the last 24 hours and people disbanded your base. Now i log every 6 days in and that seems to help.

Unfortunately if you havent gathered yet, the suggestions are all about how to avoid this happening again, which sadly means what is decayed is decayed, if you were on a private or solo server then maybe an admin could have helped, and in a solo server you don’t have to worry about decay as the server only runs when you are online, but for officials when these things happen you are forced to start over and take the loss on the chin, such is the risk of playing on official servers… Sorry man :confused:

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