Base auto decayed way sooner than it is supposed to

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Me and my clan mates whole base and thralls auto decayed after less than a week of us not being on. I went out of town and everyone else was busy so no one had time to get on. I understand how the auto decay works but it happened way sooner than it should have. It’s only me and one of my buddies so it would be really hard to get back up to the point where we were. We were really looking forward to playing the new content and getting to experience it first hand but we kinda loss motivation to play after we saw all of our hard work was gone. The game is amazing and I really hate to see everything disappear out of no where it’s our favorite game and we worked so hard to get where we were at. Thanks hope no one else experiences this issue.

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  1. I have no idea everything was running smoothly then boom everything gone thralls, base, animals, everything.

@nickgotclapped I feel for you that blows. I recently played on a private server where thralls decay was 3 days. It was a mistake and the owner was busy in real life. Missed one day lost all our thralls. Time to move on. Whether you play pvp or pve-c or pve I suggest finding a private server with more decay timer. They are out there more all the time. I have run into several friendly admins. Some play souly on their own server others like me have a private server and play on others to not have admin opportunity

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I’ve lost a base too on an official server recently when I had 2 days left before auto-decay starts. I rented a server and turned decay off :stuck_out_tongue:

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It is nice having your own server. Setting your purge faster can give more thralls then slow back down for new players level 4 gives the most human named thralls.

Hi @nickgotclapped, were there any relevant messages in the Event Log?

Did you verify the decay timer at any given time?

NO, nothing, notta, null.
I carry a star metal hammer everywhere I go.
On my main base, one structure has 90 hours, one 78 hours and the rest 168 hours.

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