Server's Thrall Decay Timer set to 1 day

Official Server: #3507 PvE
The server reset that put the building decay timers back to the regular hours also turned the Thrall Decay Timer in the server to 1 day. So i lost a few dozen fighters some of which were maxed out and all had Redeem Legion Armor with bulked platings. Other clans in the server have lost entire roasters of followers as well.


All of my thralls also gone on ps4 oficial server pve
3759/3756/4521/3725. All are gone i reset my server every week no raason why they should have decayed

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Seems like everyone but Funcom and Gportal is aware.

This is something that should call for a rollback of official servers this is just so unfair that all of our guard and follower thralls also mounts and pets got wiped out because of something we had no way of knowing was going to happen

They said it will reset next sever reset but they seem to be fixing severs now wirh resets fixing the 1 day decay time how ever no info on how they plan on getting us our thralls back

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