Thrall population wiped

Official 3057
Logged in today and clan’s entire follower population is gone. I know the server gets logged into frequently enough and all locations visited enough for them to have not decayed. All construction is still there. Followers (thralls, pets, golems, etc.) are all vanished.


Welcome to the Forum. Somehow thralls decay has been turned down to one day. Have not seen any thing from Funcom yet. @Moradinson

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Same on pc servers - 1977 LATAM, lets us support all threads about this bug to make it more visible

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Way to go Funcom! I’ve been working for months leveling up my thralls and equipping them with legendary weapons and heavy armor only to have them lost! Typical.

Hi Morandinson. This announcement was posted earlier. More will be known hopedully on Monday.

Mine as well on official pve 3066!! Had 8 pages of thralls that decayed played on this server for years. Very upset!!

My thralls on Offical Server 3729 got wiped as well I feel your pain around 130 pets thralls and mounts gone.

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You guys have to roll back. This is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. We have lost some thralls we have had for YEARS. With the best gesr and armor. Our favorite mounts weve had for years. We are one of the oldest clans on our server and you guys sent us back to square one witu thralls. You guys hust ERASED so much time worth of effoet for so many people. Anything but a roll back would be cruel and just about the worst way you could treat your audience and customer base.

We have privaye servers too. Have spent hundreds on dlc and buying the game for people who want to join us, and countless other things. We will not spend another dime and will uninstall everything if there is no roll back. And we will convince as many others who play to do the same.

We shouldnt have to suffer for your guys’s negligence.

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Damn, sorry man