Placed Followers Decayed After Siptah Decay Timers Reinstated

Official PvP server 8073
Clan: Yog’s Chosen
Player ID: Oni

Right after server reset after the Siptah Decay timers were reinstated, all of our placed followers immediately decayed. Base is still standing, but we now have no guards.


Ps5 pve-c ours are still there did a emergency check sorry for your loss of thralls this is messed up @Irkalla

Greetings Irkalla!
Thank you for reaching out to us.

In order for us to properly assess your issue, could you please send us a screenshot of your Event Log showing us this occurence please?

We’ll be waiting for your reply!

I can confirm. I’m playing on official Siptah european PVE #8007 and PVE-C #8023 and all of my followers are gone. Here’s proof.


My console is PS4 model CUH-1004. My Internet is wire.

I am playing on 8023 and all my followers are fine. I logged on the day the decay timers was activated. 10.oct.

It was in the evening so after the time your thralls decayed.

Last time if that was the case on exiles land my thralls decayed because of the one day decay. And after the serverrollback they decayed within a minute after the server starts from roll backed data.

So it seems to me that there are two different cases. One problem was, that the thrall timer was set to 1 day (which I checked at 10.oct and it was 10 days)

And another one is that however the thralls decay after server start with changed settings. This happens to me the last time after server rollback and this time to you and others after the server starts.

I hope they will find a way to get them back or a fast decision for server rollback.
But I am feeling that something will go wrong and my thralls decaying on siptah after server rollback too. And then just silence from funcom and don’t even a sorry for that or any statement.

Wow, we are doomed. It seems no1 else is reporting this. There’s not going to be any action taken by d3vs. Maybe it’s better this way. Both Siptah servers I started my adventures in Chapter II of Age of Sorcery became unplayable chapter later in Chapter III and stayed so ever since. What was keeping me on Siptah was thralls obtained during Ch. II AoS - Khitani Exile and Dalinsia from Exiled Lands. Now they’re gone and I’m free. I gotta fill my inventory with most valuable loots, givaway what’s left to nee players and log out somewhere safe and forget about Siptah official servers. I had so much fun playing in Chapter II as I just purchased Siptah. Servers were running so smooth. Way better than official PvE Exiled Lands. What a shame

My friend on Exiled Lands PvE #3531 had all of his thralls decay about 10 minutes or so after server restart a couple days ago. He was on the game earlier that day. He was pretty devastated yesterday when he checked the log to figure out what happened.

Not sure what contributes to this bug, but it really needs to be looked into. I’m actually kind of scared the same could happen to mine.

Server 8050 thralls all decayed 10-12-2023 5:15.11 right after server restart.


Thank you for everyone’s replies regarding this issue!

In order to assist our team in analyzing this, could the affected players let us know your affected character name, clan and server where this occurred please?

We’ll be waiting for your reply!

I went on 8090 pve-c thralls we’re there yesterday decay was good 8090 Siptah server. Then went to pve Exiles server followers where their.

Why report it they wont do anything about it, all my thralls decayed when i logged on 2 weeks ago, i was on the week prior, except 3 i had at a remote outpost. All my buildings ect fine but 50 something leveled and kitted thralls just gone, wtf i dont even let it bother me anymore!

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Character Name Myst
Clan Merrica
Server Siptah 8050

Server name: Official server #8007 PvE
Character name: Hyborian Blondie
Clan name: $€X$£AV€$MA$T€R$
Server name: Official server #8023 PvE Conflict
Character name: Khitani Blondie
Clan name: $€X$£AV€$MA$T€R$

Great to see that Funcom cares zero about all the thralls they deleted

This response is puzzling to me since the bug report about ‘…thralls decaying on 6442 Isle’ has a post from 5 days ago saying dev was looking into it:

No response?

The response is that there is no response. Way to not care about your players Funcom.

“(…) Crom only directly intervenes in Conan’s life once, unasked, to save a middle-aged Conan from a dishonorable death at the hands of a malevolent magician.(…)”

Character name miss paker
Sever 7056
Clan step-exile
Logged in lost both bases and all thralls no recap in event logg

Our apologies for the delay in replying to this issue!

We’ve been submitting the information provided by our players to our dedicated team and they have been investigating it in order to reach a conclusion as soon as possible :slight_smile:

We thank you for your patience and understanding regarding this matter!