(URGENT BUG .GAME BREAKING) SIptah: all of our followers in official server 6157 , decayed

it happened on official server 6157 (so there is no MODS)

all of our thralls, pets, and mounts they all decayed…

we refreshed on the 8 one day before this. it all happen after server restart on the 9th of january…

so all the thralls, we had with their equip[ment and everything in their inventory is gone…
… and it seems that this crap is happening only on siptah…

@den is funcom planning to abandon this map? if so, please allow server transfer so we can move to EL.

all the buildings are ok, nothing has decayed other than the thralls and pets and mounts. thralls that has been with us since siptah launch.

this is how our 10 man clan follower list looks like

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Same here on 6108, we lost every follower but not our bases.

my concern is … to deploy more and get then lost to decay again


funcom , please increase XP for thralls x5 times in siptah (once this bug is taken care of) , so people affected can level them up quickly.

we lost hundreds and hundreds of hours leveling thralls :frowning: not fun.

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I feel you on the total time lost. Also all the gear and rarity of some of the thralls is a big loss. takes the wind out your sails. We lost 115 thralls in one fell swoop. No warning or anything. No benches or boxes affected. We have been on 6108 since the beginning. This is a huge punch to the gut.

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i know, but i want to be realistic,

funcom cant make those thralls to come back,

best thing we can get is a 15 days of x5 or x10 experience gain on thralls so we can level then really fast.

that is something they can do , in order to help those who lost thralls

the one thing that is more valuable is time, and they can definetely help with that, by allowing fast leveling on siptah for a few days…

On ps5 - siptah pve-c all my thralls disappeart, too. Base is intact. It was a pain to level my archers

They absolutely can make all the thralls, and all their equipment come back - there are logs of everything that happens and backup copies of the game database.

Do they care to put in the effort to bring them back? Of course not. I lost all my followers on Siptah (and zero of my buildings) the day they re-enabled decay (after having it disabled for months because Siptah was so buggy no one could play). A bunch of us lost all our followers, but not enough for Funkhram to care - it’s been months and they have done nothing.

Greetings everyone.

Thank you for taking the time to report this situation to us.

Regarding the decayed Thralls, all these reports are related to Siptah correct? @krihypha , could you please let me know the server number that you’re playing on?

So far this seems to have occurred on #6157 and #6108 correct?

Once I have this information I’ll go ahead and report through our internal channels.


I wish .

But it means rolll backs

I don’t see that happening.

Dear @RitualGround

O have seen reports of this issue over several siptah servers. Sincé i think q3 2023.

You can do a Google search with keywords thralls decayed or use the forum search engine.

I Will try to get you some info back later today.


Yes 6108 official server. Siptah
Clan Name: Green Altos
user names of members, Nu Chaos, gusbusdabomb, anonymouskill, delmera, and jdkizz
115 thralls all gone on January 11th 4:28 am.

This happened to me in October 2023 on 6157, I sent screenshots to @ZahMaiatt, have not heard a peep since and lost all of my followers along with all of their equipment.

Lost all my thralls on 6157 in October 2023. I left the server in December. Yes, I checked the event log and my thralls were wiped during the server restart. I am surprised to see that this is still happening to players…

I lost all thrawls on Official #1880… Not a siptah server!

Lost half of my levelled thralls and a few greater pets, thanks again Funcom, appearently a purgebase summoned by an other clan spawned in my base, thanks again, great job!

If I would mess up like you, I would be fired before the week is over…

On 6423 by the way.

Hi, I have also lost all followers on private server playing with friends. Please let me know if it’s anything you can do to the issue? if not that gives me no alternatived then to end the server I rent.
I have been in contact with the Gportal Support and they did what they could and at the end they said that I shall contact devs…

i would like to know when this gets fixed , as ihave no clue if it is safe to deploy thralls or not.

will hate to deploy level them up and loosing them again. thanks!


Yeah it’s not just SIptah, I think there was a balls up with the decay timers. Lost all my thralls on 1953 Exiled Lands. Base was not decayed but all thralls decayed day before I logged in. Which is, let’s say… sub-optimal. A tad. Would rather lose my base than all my thralls as they take so bloody long to level anything good.

And it is not ok to say “we posted in the forums to advise you should log in early to refresh your thrall decay timer but your bases themselves are fine” - bases and thralls should decay at the same time or thralls a few days later than bases. Not the other way around.

From what I could see in the settings at the time I lost my thralls (from memory) the base decay was still on 20 days and the thrall decay was on 10 (not sure if it ever was on 20, but I was logging in weekly anyway to refresh and just happened to be late one weekend but was still thinking I had at least another 10 days).

This is ours, a wicked one as discribed in my post, other clans purge pops in your base, happily destroying your thralls when you are sleeping.

@Pazsu yoiu issue is not related to the decaying thralls, i would suggest you open your own topic, regharding that issue.