24 hours for thralls to decay?

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I got notified by a friend that the timer for thralls on official servers is set to 24 hours.

Why the setting is set for 24 hours for thralls to decay ?
And will daily log in will keep my thralls from decay ?

I lost all my Thrall after the update

ive logged in everyday this week. Thursday (31) i logged out about 11pm. Thralls still there friday. Logged out yesterday at 10pm. Thralls still there today. I guess I have been kinda lucky. I feel for everyone else tho :frowning:

time decay = 1day after the update

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yes, first the foundation issue now this. Some developers need to start handing in their resignations!

OK some one whent to adjust decay timer from vacation settings to 10 days accidentally moved to one day not sure if it was Funcom or Gportal at this point. This is cross platform login every day till fixed hopefully will do a roll back don’t even know if Funcom is aware yet

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Rollback is not the solution and they will never implement one anyway.

  1. It didnt effect me and 2. Ive done 5 hrs of building in the past day.
    so a rollback would make people effected happy but pmake poeple like myself angry

Didn’t affect us either playing on Siptah decay is turned off Didn’t affect our private server either. However if we lost our 120 plus thralls on Siptah would appreciate a roll back if we new what was being planned could just take a break. We bought about half of them from the fellows with the cage by selling Sorceress

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