Base self-destructs in less than 5 days

More than 5000 hours of gameplay, all the DLCs bought and in less than 5 days my base is destroyed losing everything. there is no solution?

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They are going to need information such as private or official server. Pve pvp or pve-c. What does your event log say. You are on Ps4 correct.? If you are on private server the decay timer could have been changed.

I dont mean to come off like a jerk but if you are looking for your base back or some type of offering because you have 5000 hour you will be waiting along time. Bases get lost all the time do to stability issues randomly.

The most that is going to happen is you are helping out the devs find serious bugs but that means giving really good details as to what happened.

Since this is your first post I can only assume you came on here to rant (I dont blame you) but getting everything back most likely wont happen.

I have just lost my 2 @12 month old bases -EVERYTHING AGAIN last night Same ERROR reported as this guy and it has happened on that server 3x total.Plus -on Sept 6th- 3 other bases AGAIN on 3 different servers. Its in the log - DECAY started 3 HOURS after signing -out.However, I it took ALL my Thralls ( DUE TO NO MEMBER SIGNING IN A VERY LONG TIME) and not my structures?? Would you not know it? I started useing Rhinos to pack everything I own up at night -I have gotton so use to things MIS_DECAYING. Can’t second guess these glitches for nothing!! I am loosing my sanity here.
This has gotten BEYOND TOLERABLE these are bugs!! I am a DAY ONE Player and have lost too much on a game=that should be fun not nerve racking, for destruction of 20 plus hours a week efforts!! I have reported this constructively with no end in sight. No clan anymore including my husband quit playing after he lost 3 Castles in 24 hours a year ago. All Public Servers.

I have more more loss than that-since day one…but even a 100 hours loss of game play is not forgivable after, having this game out this long. :frowning: and I am a very patient Midlife Retired Lady!!

@Hugo @Ignatius do you have any suggestions for the players?

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