My base was eliminated after 5 hours, why?

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Yesterday I built an APEX base T3 full on the top of the tower that is above the lake of sulfur (that was yesterday at 12:00 AM). Yesterday at 20:00 PM the base had been destroyed by itself. The same thing happened to me with a map on underwater foundations that was there almost 3 weeks ago. why?

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Guess for the same reasons I placed 3 new large chests filled with epics and rare materials inside my months-long established base (and made sure the decay timers were at max), server restarted after 2 hours…chests with all the contents vanished.
I blame the servers in this cases, corrupted data or something.
Is like the server doesn’t register the client input for a period, or is rolled back to a previous point.

But there are also plenty of game-side related problems of this kind, just take the instance when you place building pieces in “not allowed” areas, there is no system message like in other places, no red X , you just place the piece down and it vanishes.
But yeah, things and structures vanishing for no reason in CE has been always a thing, they created a detailed log system (when it works) for this, maybe thinking that we are dumb enough not to understand that there is a timed decay system, but the story of items and structures vanishing in thin air is present since day one, and it is certainly not related to decay.

I must say though that I didn’t lose anything during the last couple of months in mysterious circumstances, except learning the hard way where I cannot build, placing things down and instantly losing them.
Fixed? Luck ?
Not sure, but this is CE on PS4.

Forgot to ask :
Have you checked your log ? what exactly reported about the destruction of your base ?

Ipse Dixit…
Today, as part of my normal maintenance routine among my bases in different servers, I logged into a EU server, checking log as I always do as first thing when I log, to see if something relevant happened.
I noticed a long list of lost items including a T4 thrall.
Turns out it was an armor bench (and all its contents) who went abandoned and decayed.
Problem is this bench is (was) inside a medium size structure, surrounded by other structures forming the base.
Nothing else went abandoned / decayed ( I logged and played this place 2 days before), except this bench…
Even more funny is that this “abandoned” bench was surrounded (literally centimeters away) by large chests and a grinder ( one chest is still on the same very building piece where the bench was…) …and none of them has been affected by the abandon status, and all of them showed a normal decay time.

This is what I am talking about when I tell you that things have always vanished for no reasons in CE.
Now, in this specific case I dont care at all, lost a T4 thrall that wasn’t even that good, and a cheap bench among some kind of leathers and hides, but still.

My log in this case states :
Server restart
XXXXXX (item number) changed to abandoned, will decay xxxxxx
XXXXXX (item number) has decayed , blah blah blah is lost

That’s it…

The record showed state of abandonment in just 5h, that is literally impossible. It had a two-story base complete in t4 with many steel reinforcements (1000) and weapons, and all was lost. In only 5h step of entering into abandonment to enter demolition and to destroy.

I have no problem believing you, because it happened to me.
And in these days I noticed several weird things about decay timings, one of my animal pens, that has been up for months and that is surrounded by an extensive structure now has its timing at 144hours top (which is the old max decay time), while has always been 168hours, and I didn’t touch a single piece around it or in that base at all.
Also, today, in another base my log shows an item that I can’t identify that keep going abandoned, then I start to go through every single piece placed in my base (which is a unique structure with 168 hours of decay everywhere) and all of them keep showing168hours, re-checking the log after the round shows that the item went back to normal but again will decay in 24 hours. So must be something inside the area I just finished to check but that doesn’t show the correct time while probed with the repairing hammer.
And there is not a single item nor a bedroll or anything detached by the main structure, and in this case as well, I didn’t place or changed a single piece in that base in months…

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