Base Vanished (No Decay)

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: “Iron Road”, south West of Sepermeru, Official Server 1008 PVE

I have built a huge T3 Reinforced Stone Base which was 47x26 Blocks and two stories high.
I have been offline for 5 days and log back on, everything gone except thralls, some chests and palisades.
149h as the repair hammer tells you is more than 6 days so WTF?!

On the other hand, all my small outposts, which should decay WAY faster because they are tiny, are still there unharmed, not a single thing missing.

Funcom, wtf seriously? i have put 150h in that main base …
i’m done with your game…

fyi: i even took with my whole damn PC into vacation from germany to italy and croatia just so it doesnt decay, it was a big hassle and now my stuff is gone anyway. i planned on playing this game for years to come but not if stuff just vanishes.

why the hell my huge main base? WHY are all the small outposts still there? (4 of them)

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Sounds like you got hit by a purge. What does the event log say?

I had my purge right in the vacation i was at, i was lucky to be online.
my purge meter is at 30% so no cant be a purge.

event log just says something about a couple of sandstone foundations way back from my noob river starter base