Disappeared base

Game mode: Online official #1214
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: in server settings all region is marked

Today 2018-17-Oct i just logged in after the small update (around 18:00 GMT +1) and our complete base in the volcano next to the obelisk is missing. All our (Pogacsaszaggatok clan) other bases are untouched. Im sure there was no purge cos the purge meter is almost empty since the last purge what was a couple of days ago. The base was made by top tier elements mostly. All other structures of neighbour clans seems unharmed. Is there any bug with structure stability or simple disappearing? Or is there any modification on the restricted zone size around the obelisks?

Anything in the event log?

Yes, is there anything in your event log?


I lost 3 bases after the pet update mate there is no hope. our time and effort making the bases has no value for funcom because we don’t get anything in refund because we suffer from their bugs.

Since (think) two months.

  1. Lost a small base sourth (small but was 144) in two days.

  2. Lost a medium base south 2 days.

  3. Lost 1 big base in seper 2 days

  4. Lost a fishery in south suddenly in two days.

  5. Lost the new fishery build at that spot in 1 day.

  6. Yesterday lost a complete medium base south, after 2 days no visit.
    It was there when i walked up to it and then crumbled and loot bags where dropped in front of me.
    That was not nice.

I run and reset bases every day, but when i skip two days some seems to dissapear.

Never anything in event log part from non related.

Im used too it and smile on, but it is fairly annoying.
It brings me to use fewer bases, fewer thralls.

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