Base has been lost!

Scarlet on server 1045 offical PvE.

I log in, run back to my base to find nearly all of it is gone/missing!

I have lost so much stuff and thralls with good armour/weapons!

Whats happened? is it a bug? do i quit the game as im so angry and ask for refund of this game?

Please assist

That sucks man! Has been over 7 days since you last logged in? If so then that’s why. Have to log in within 7 days to keep your base from decaying. If you have logged in then it most definitely is a bug/glitch. I’m personally hoping to not have any major bugs so I can just trophy this game out and be done with it. I’ve been reading comment after comment on here and the devs are nowhere to be found. No one is getting any replies back from them so either they are in a mad scramble to get some good patches in place, or what I fear is that they are to concerned with their dlc crap to put out any real fixes. Could possibly be that they just don’t know how to fix this game. I always fear that these small game companies are not able to handle games like this. Each survival/crafting game I have bought has had several issues to the point it almost makes the game unplayable. This one is very close to unplayable. For some it’s already to that point. Sorry you lost your base. Hope you are able to recover most of it. I am never buying a Funcom game again!

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its actually 6 or 144 hours then yes a base will fall to decay or anyone who can take it down will do so(don’t think they won’t either), So needless to say, you need to log in every 3-4 days to keep your base from falling(make sure all parts of your base render in)

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yea i been logged out for 2 days max and was far from it too

oh well hope they improve things fast as dont want to play/waste my time on it now

was your base big or small, smaller bases tend to go quicker…
2 days hmmmm, i’d send them a message on here to look at the logs and see what happened

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It was a purge I think from logs show level 3 thralls destroying stuff.

So this can happen while im offline and thus no hope of defending even though i had thralls to def with heavy armour sigh, harsh i think

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