3738 Lost All But 1 Base

So I’m a longtime player since day 1. I always log in and use my hammer to check decay timer. I had 6 bases, all really nice. We’ll this a.m., ready to do my normal circuit, I found all but 1 were gone. The one that remained was the one generally in the middle of my circle, circuit. So what’s up? It makes no sense. It hasn’t been more than 168 hours since my last run from base to base. I never cut it close. Maybe 5 days tops. Btw, where I logged out was gone, I wasn’t sleeping at the base that remains.

Anybody else lose any bases lately due to unexpected, early decay?

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Any thing useful in the events log.

Didn’t occur to me to check it. Will look now. Does it clear after logging out b/c I already signed out.

Event log shows a lot of stuff losing stability. Still doesn’t make sense that one of the bases in the middle of my run is completely fine, but all the others gone.

A few rare exceptions is that another base still has a teleport map room, with a nice temple and another base still has a derketo shrine. Again, doesn’t make sense those are still there, but every thing else gone. Those items were extremely close to the main base foundations.

Anyway, if not a server issue, I guess I’ll either start solo offline or call it quits. Very frustrating, as I’ve been here since day 1 and have loved this game.

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I have been playing since day one also my wife and I got our own server shortly after. There’s been some weird things happening off and on even in offline mode . Don’t give up changes are coming and should include fixes for random stability problems. I have the decay on my server at a bit over 12 days but still hit all the map room and visitors spots once a week to be on the safe side. Did your thralls disappear also.?

No, thralls are still there and a few things like flags, torches, and barricades. No furniture or benches.

Just seems so odd because that one base is completely fine. I run from bases 1 to 6 in order, or reverse order every 3-5 days. I wait to confirm refresh with my hammer at each base and at 3-4 spaces with those individual bases too especially shrines after losing a few of those in the very early days.

Really bummed out, big let down. I had some great builds that I really enjoyed.

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When you were refreshing your decay timer were you stopping and visually confirming the value of the decay timer at each location?

Sounds like you are doing everything correctly. It sounds like a server issue what I don’t know. There’s nothing that Funcom can do for you something similar has happened to players on more than one server. At least you have your thralls still that’s a plus.

So I tried to go back on to look at event log again and this time my g-portal server isn’t available, to include not being shown as an invalid server.

Also every official server is shown as 0/40 or 0/50 players. Also, the on-line reporting server report via the game tells me that tool no longer is active.

So what’s up? Major server issues? A they rolling back some, all servers? I hope mine (3738) gets rolled back, if so.

@audie Hi not sure if you know this but if you log in at your base and check event log it will only show you anything that happens at the current base your at you actually have to visit each base one at a time and check event log to see what happened to that base then go to the next base and check and etc, etc, etc

@audie what type of server you playing in PVP, PVP-C, or PVE?

Can’t you adjust the distance slider for the event log , to include everything ? ( on pc there is a distance setting you can increase to see all your base in one look (or at least the ones in the max distance radius )

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You can do this on PS4.

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I lost all my long bases but it was my fault, I didn’t visit them often so they decay. Still when I fixed again the map rooms of the server that i play I had this weird stability issues on the frozen lands map room, so I dismantle it and fix back a brand new yesterday. I will let you know if i’ ll have issues again.

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