Missing buildings and items

Game mode: Online
Problem: [Crash | Bug | not sure
So my brother and I (Clan Velenosa, formerly Clan Silverleaf) have had a compound on 3733 pve for about a year and a half. He logged on last weekend. We just logged on and over half of our compound and ALL of our items are gone. The only thing left are thralls, all of our named thralls on workbenches are gone as well… Can someone please fix this??? My vault and home are gone as well as everything I’ve worked for for the past year and a half.

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Decay has been turned off for the Holidays when I logged on earlier today it was. Did you check event log? Friend on pve server today whole base gone in minutes
Him and his horse only thing left. Cimmaran berserkers. I have also seen quite a few skeletal bases on 3507 possibly still there do to decay timer change. @Luna_Silverleaf @Narelle any ideas. I know Funcom crew won’t be back until at least Monday.

We’ve seen another clan with missing buildings and there is absolutely nothing listed in the event log.

when checking the event log , you need to tick the appropriate boxes , set the distance and time period , then your press the submit button , then it will populate the log with entries . if you see an entry that says :
" xxxFundation owned by Yourclan has switched to decay state " this means the fundation and all the other building pieces connected to this fundation went to decay mode ( for readable reasons the log won’t list every piece of building going to decay , only one )

sorry for your losses

Decay has only been turned off on xbox @sestus2009

@Luna_Silverleaf when was the last time you logged in? Timers were extended for the holidays but if you logged out on the old timers and you have not logged in after the new timers were activated to refresh your base that base will decay basis the old timer. You have to refresh the base after the decay change in order to get the new updated timer.

Thralls have 15 days decay.

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My bad on that I didn’t word that properly. I recently started playing on a official server with the login message and should have known to phrase it properly apologies.

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I hadn’t logged on, but my brother had. We are on the same compound. He logged on last weekend.

Due note it make take a couple server restart to kick in the new decay time and make sure to use the repair hammer to check the decay time

It’s not decay i think. The same happend to me (Missing Buildingparts/Items & endless loadingsscreen)
In the log there was no decay and no purge. I thing there is a big issue that need to be solved. Until that happens the game is not playable in my opinion.
Is this happening on private servers too?

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It’s like only certain parts of the entire compound were destroyed. That being the original buildings built and none of the newer stuff. It truly does not make sense, especially as we did have a clan member logging on & that should definitely have reset ALL timer decay…

I guess no official response is forthcoming?

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@Community can we have some input for @Luna_Silverleaf

Guess not :-/

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