My doors and benches/crates gone-Server 2725

I am on server 2725. Logged in today to all of our doors and crates, benches etc., missing/gone. we have clan members that log in regular to keep this from happening. It’s weird, missing doors, and my taming pen is gone along with a large fountain. ALLLLLLL of our stuff in crates, along with the crates, is gone. ALLLLL of the work benches are gone. it’s like we were robbed and we are not amused.

Copied the below from the forumj
Verify if the issue has been previously reported and a thread is available to participate in: I can’t find another thread on this

Fill all the necessary details:

Informative title: done
Game mode (Singleplayer, Coop, Official, Private) Official server 2725
Game type (PvP, PvE, PvE-C): PVE
TestLive client (Standalone/Build)
Detailed information of the occurrence: logged in to stuff gone, can't find anything in the log about things decaying (wasn't supposed to happen until 2/24, TOMORROW)

If possible and applicable, be sure to also provide us with the following:

Official Server number: 2725
Hardware info (Computer specifications/Driver versions) XBOX-Series X  confirmed with XBOX oneX 
Connection info (Wired/Wireless/Speed) wired and wireless
Additional details (Screenshots/Video/Location Coordinates/Timestamps) none
Short step-by-step guide on how to reproduce the issue.  Log in, see stuff gone, get pissy. 

IF our timing was off… ok, our fault. we will recover. BUT, we have a feeling that someone did something dastardly and made off with all of our stuff. We’ve been on this server (2725) for quite a while, no real complaints (aside from peoples houses that NEVER flippin decay, constant 356 hours. must be very active). But this, is just super annoying and if you could look in to it we’d appreciate it.

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hey there did you check you event log ? I don’t know how you access the escape menu on Xbox ( on pc press esc and event log ) , then you need to tick the construction box and set the distance to max , finally press submit .

if you see a line like " xType-fundation has switched to decay state at xDate-xhour " , this means the fundation ( and anything that is attached to it , in other words your base and all the benches that were linked to it ) went to decay state and were therefore " lootable " by anyone that passed by and checked it’s timmer …

anyways I’m sorry for your losses .

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Have you checked the event log?

It looks like your buildings reached a “decayed” state, at that point anyone can destroy doors, benches, chests, vaults and even the entire base.

Anyway check the event log, and also verify someone was logging in often enough to keep the base from decaying, if you have more than one base you do need to visit all of them to update the timers.

FunCom will not replace lost items. So you will need to unfortunately reacquire lost items yourself.

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yeah, checked the log. Wondering if the “PVP” flag could be an issue on non PVP servers. will get a shot of the log and post it here too. I can’t see anyone just looting things and leaving the buildings. You’d think they’d take it all down if they had the chance.

You underestimate human laziness

Sometimes the buildings have an extra 24 hour timer glitch. I have literally taken down doors, looted chests and workstations, and been unable to destroy the buildings. 24 hours later, the buildings are gone.

ahh, thank you, I’ve never seen that, But it makes sense. the one thing that bugs me is that I can’t find where in the log it says that my house went in to a state of “Decay”.

I don’t
if you demo the entire base you have a finite amount of time to collect all the loot.
if you demo doors, chests, vaults individually you can make several trips with a bearer or pack animal.

After all the loot has been taken, I usually don’t bother with the building unless I think there might be hidden loot or I want the build spot.

Mostly I just let the building dust all on it’s own.

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I loot all then take down the building, it’s the most satisfying part lol

talked to a clan member, they had been to the house a couple days before it was raided.

Your base decayed. Missing benches and doors suggests that much. You or your friend logged in to reset an empty base it in time since it takes 24h to collapse on its own.
The timer on official is no longer 336 hours. It has been reverted back to 168 hours at the end of january.

In my opinion, if you do a repetitive yet simple action for a very long time, your brain will create false memories from your 100th experiences of you resetting your base. The same brain behaviour happens with simple things like locking doors, placing objects like phone, keys.
Simply put, you or your friend forgot to reset the base and convinced yourselves that you did, but in fact you didn’t hence the decay.
You’re not the first player that comes here claiming they are the victim of shenanigans happening in game when in fact it’s another case of decay.


This seems as good a spot as any to retell a story about why I don’t totally destroy a base.

I join a new Official PVP server, because it looks like around 20 active people on Battlemetrics.

I take my time leveling to 20 get a lower strength t4 fighter from the starting area.
I clean up my temp base, I never abandon buildings unless I leave a server.

All this time, around two days, only 1 other person logs in, but they log right back out, so I guess it’s just a decay reset. I’m getting disappointed in the server because I was expecting more people.

I head into the highlands at lvl 20, I go check one of my favorite spots, of course its taken
Then I finely find one of my preferred spots its full also but with a decayed flag

I without thinking or without minding the time I demolish the whole building.
the base crumbles and down drops a bunch of thralls who kill my thrall and me, I hadn’t noticed it was raid time. I’m unable to retrieve my gear, everything I had was on my character horse or thrall, all a total loss.

The next day I start over and try to claim the spot, the thralls are still there but it’s not raid time and the land claim was letting me build. I place palisades around the thralls but not close enough to kill them.
I really just secured the area, after lunch I log back in and the player who owned the location logged in
And was furious, I tried to explain that the build was decayed and I hadn’t even killed his thralls, but he wouldn’t listen. I ended up killing him his thralls and everything.

(He didn’t have gear, and I let the palisades kill the thralls)

I cleaned up the area and left, expecting retaliation. All of a sudden the server was alive again and everyone was after me. When I play “war” I don’t use a base, so everyone was looking for something that didn’t exist. After a few weeks of cat and mouse and no one calming down, I hopped servers again.

Now I loot decayed bases but leave them standing and watch the time closer. lol :blush: :smiley:

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