Official Server #1029 PVE EU Have i been robbed by hackers?

Can anyone help? i logged in today and chests, loot, and crafting stations with crafting thralls all disappeared. Walls, roofs and foundations all remain. Most of my doors have gone also. There is NOTHING in the logs that shows anything has been destroyed and i only logged in 4 days ago so nothing should have decayed. is it hackers?

Most of my doors gone in my base too, if it is hackers it seems they used hacks to destroy the doors and gain access to my storeroom.

If so it looks like someone is using a cheat(3rd party software) to destroy my stations and items on purpose.

i had word that a friend that is on the same server had the same thing happened to him as well, official server #1029 EU PVE.

Is this the right place to report this? or should i be doing it on the G-portal forums?


Are you a clan of one? If not, click friendly and for funzies - unfriendly inventory access in the search. Also, check for duplicate clan names on your server…

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[quote=“KittKatt, post:2, topic:164343, full:true”]
Are you a clan of one? [/quote]

yes i am, only me in my clan

how long did you stand in your base?

the reason that I ask, is that there is a known issue where sometimes it takes the game additional time to load everything in, after your character appears.
10-15 minutes can sometimes pass before all the assets load in after my character appears.

You can either wait 10-15 minutes to see if everything loads in, or try logging out, and logging back in.

I hope this helps.


About half an hour :slight_smile:

i thought the same, and i logged in and out 5 times :slight_smile:
i know i’ve been robbed/hacked because of the way that the doors have been destroyed. They have taken a certain path to gain access, it makes sense when you see it, also things that have gone missing compared to other things (like the vaults are gone but they left the beehives next them LOL )

When your base decays there is grace period before it goes poof. During this period, people can dismantle your doors, chests, stations and loot your goodies. Looks like you were a bit too late to refresh.

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You base have decay (or may be a bug, decay too soon before the 7 days).

Then one player dismantle the door to enter, and then dismantle the locked chests to take the loot.

No hackers … !

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Your base was probably decayed and players can dismantle doors and chests to loot the base and then they can also destroy it by dismantling a wall or something

Clearly your base decayed as stated in your logs. Missing doors is also proof of that. There’s no such things as hacks to rob you.
Sometimes when you log in to refresh your base, the best practice is to pick up a brazzier, chest, etc and place them back. This will refresh your base 100% and you can log off safetly.
If there is a server crash shortly after you log off, there is a chance for a 4-5 min rollback and your base might return to previous decay timer, although this is extremely rare.
Another good advice is to refresh your base twice a week. I refresh my stuf on wensday and sunday.
If you just log in and then log off right away, your base might not have been refreshed as it takes time for the server to respond to your presence.
Don’t forget to use TAB key while aiming at a piece of your base to check the decay timer.

Good luck and have fun refurbishing your empty base. :sweat_smile:

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Ok but should it not show in the log who dismantled by stuff? I read it does? There is nothing in the log showing my stuff was dismantled by anyone… not even the doors

It does not appear in the log.

When you found a decayed base, it is better to dismantle doors and chests (outside raid time to avoid thralls), then you get all the loot.

If you decay the entire base by starting with a wall, you do not have time to get all loot, it will disapear after 1 minute.


As Selene01 said , you can see in your event log those 2 lines :

  • Sandstone ( wedge ) foundation owned by D D has changed decay state to abandoned. Will decay at YYYY.MM.DD

these lines means the fundation ( and everything attached to it ) went into this decayed state ( imagine if the event log had a line for each fundation/wall ect going to decay it would spam your log )

when your base is in this decay state , as codemage said , you are in a “grace period” , meaning that your base that should have disapeared already will stay 24h longer ( 48 in extended holidays timmer ) for you to have a tiny chance to log back to “save” your decaying base . But in the same time anyone that pass by ( and check your timmer ) can loot it .

While they loot it , if they only destroy placeables ( like doors , benches , chests , weapon/shield stands , altars , annimal pen and so on ) then your event log won’t show anything . But if they had destroyed your walls/fundations ( or any piece of building ) , then your base would have gone in one go , and there would be a line in your event log telling you who destroyed it .

I’m sorry for your losses , but hope this makes it clearer for you on what happened and why

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